Costs of Homeownership

What are the Ongoing Costs of Homeownership?

If you’re a homeowner, you likely remember the closing process that transferred your new home from the builder and/or mortgage lender to you. You probably also remember the closing costs. They’re sizable, and planning ahead makes paying them a much smoother experience The same goes for the ongoing costs of …

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Create a Welcoming Entry to Your Home - Move In Ready Home Facebook Post

Create a Welcoming Entry to Your Home

When we’re buying a new custom Florida home, it’s easy to focus on areas we’ll use the most, but don’t overlook the entry to your home! We exit and re-enter our homes pretty much every day. When visitors arrive, we want them to feel welcomed (and a little impressed!). So, …

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sprinkler filter

Homeowner Maintenance Made Easy: Sprinkler Filter

When you buy a new custom Florida home from ICI Homes, you’ll quickly discover that the sprinkler system is one of its important exterior features. Luckily, Florida’s sub-tropical and tropical climate comes with Mother Nature’s sprinkler system — those typical summer showers and occasional tropical downpours. But, like most climates, …

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Paint Touch up Homeowner Maintenance

Homeowner Maintenance Made Easy: Paint Touch Ups

Aside from architecture and building materials, paint likely makes the most significant design impact on your new custom Florida home. Its colors and finishes help shape a home’s exterior and interior appearances. And, like all home-construction elements, paint eventually requires a little maintenance help. Periodic touch-ups help keep your painted …

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HAVC Homeowner Maintenance

Homeowner Maintenance Made Easy: HAVC Filters

Comfortably cool interiors are one of the best aspects of a new custom Florida home, but as with any mechanical system, a bit of regular upkeep helps keep your air conditioner humming along. Luckily, maintaining your air conditioner is an easy task for ICI Homes homeowners. Read on to learn …

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GFI Outlet Homeowner Maintenance

Homeowner Maintenance Made Easy: GFI Outlets

Where would any new custom Florida home be without its top-notch electrical system, right? Occasional minor power outages do happen, and we at ICI Homes are here with a monitoring tip that’s a valuable addition to your household checklist. Your new custom Florida home is equipped with multiple ground fault …

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garbage disposal

Homeowner Maintenance Made Easy: Garbage Disposal

A garbage disposal is one of the hardest-working appliances in your new custom Florida home. It makes quick work of meal-prep trimmings, safely chews up old leftovers and other discarded foodstuff, and its efficiency even reduces the amount of garage that goes into your kitchen can. But, with the volume …

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