Just a Few Reasons to Fall in Love with Florida

We don’t mean only seasonally.

While autumn’s transitional lower temperatures, harvest festivals and softer sunshine is a splendid time to live in the state of Florida, the three other seasons on the calendar are equally remarkable here. Wouldn’t you like to spend them all in the Sunshine State? If you’re considering a move to Florida — whether seasonal or full-time — there are many other reasons why our state’s lifestyle trumps a relocation or part-time getaway elsewhere.  Allow us to convince you…


This one is so obvious that perhaps you don’t need the reminder. A daily mean temperature of 71 degrees Fahrenheit means banishing the heavy outerwear if you hail from colder climates. No more snow or ice! You might require a light jacket during cooler months — winter still exists on the calendar — but forget the three to four months of freezing nastiness each year. Spending a few days in shorts and T-shirts during a typical Florida winter will convince you. Trust us.


Florida boast 1,350 miles of coastline, with a wonderful variance in beaches depending where you are in the state. Even if your only beach activity is the occasional walk to scoop up shells, this Florida perk needs little justification.

The wealth of activities — sunning, surfing, swimming, paddle-boarding, beach volleyball — is limited only by your energy and sunscreen supply. And, Florida residents enjoy their beaches year-round, from a pleasant winter stroll to an exuberant, seaside cookout in July.

Natural Beautysilouette-couple-beach

Name your favorite outdoor activity and Florida is perfect for it thanks to 160 state parks, 35 state forests, three national forests, one national scenic trail and 11 assorted national parks, preserves, seashores or monuments. Wow. Right? Add the Sunshine State’s 700 natural freshwater springs and wildlife abundance — manatees, dolphins and millions of flying, feathered friends — and there’s no excuse not to gear up and get outside.

World-Class Attractions

The destinations that beckon visitors from all over the world can be a cross-town trip or a reasonable drive for you. This means hamming it up with Disney characters or screaming your way through theme-park thrill rides can occur weekly or monthly rather than once in a lifetime. Another significant perk if you’re considering a move here: most theme parks and attractions offer price breaks to Florida residents.

No State Income Tax

None. Florida is one of only seven U.S. states that doesn’t levy a state income tax. That means more money in your pocket and only the iceberg tip of ways to lower your current cost of living as a future Florida resident.

If weather, beaches, natural beauty, world-class attractions and no state income tax (yes!) have convinced you it’s time to make your move, you’re in the right place. ICI Homes is Florida’s Custom Home Builder. Click here to begin your journey.