Fall in Love with Florida

You have over 50 states to choose from. You could move to the Big Apple, or to the Badger State, or the Beehive State, or even the Palmetto State, but…wouldn’t you want to move to the Sunshine State? The name alone says it all.

So why do an estimated 1,000 people move to Florida per day? In 2011, the state of Florida, now ranked as the 4th largest state behind California, Texas and New York, hosted a record 86 million visitors. There are lots of reasons besides those all-important visits to Disney’s Magic Kingdom! We have beautiful sunny blue skies. We have 1,250 golf courses; more than any other state! We have theme parks. We have nature. We have beaches, amazing scenery, and lots of history. In short, it all!


The daily mean temperature is a beautiful 71 degrees. We are the warmest state in the United States. So how sunny are we? On average Orlando sees about 230 sunny days per year. There is a very good chance that when you visit you will have a clear blue sunny sky. There’s an even better chance that you will not see snow. If you are sick of shoveling every morning, we understand. Many of us moved to Florida because we didn’t want to scrape the snow off our cars every morning. Now, you won’t have too. You could take the second vacation home approach. Come to Florida and call it “Home Sweet Home” for a few months or even a year or more.

Sights to See

Florida offers a lot of natural beauty. We have 160 state parks, 35 state forests, 11 national parks, preserves, seashores or monuments, 3 national forests, and 1 national scenic trail. If you’ve never visited a spring in Florida, you have over 700 freshwater springs to choose from. Abundant wildlife is another one of Florida’s under appreciated secrets. Manatees, dolphins, otters, and many different birds species all call our great state “home.”


They say it’s happy hour somewhere. Many of our happy hours include sunsets overlooking the ocean with a frozen drink in hand. We get to do that year round. We have over 1,200 miles of sandy beaches. A beach day is a great free vacation. You can water-ski, surf, fish, body board, bike ride, jet ski, wake board, snorkel, scuba dive, kite fly or just tan. Whatever you decide is a win. 

I’m Going to Disney World!
We are lucky to be in a state that offers over 15 theme parks. Living in a “destination location” has lots of benefits. There is always something to do. Whether you want to get splashed by Shamu at SeaWorld or see your favorite Disney Princess at Disney’s Magic Kingdom, Floridians don’t need to pay for a plane ticket costing $400+accommodations. Many of us are lucky enough to hop in our car and be there with a short road trip. Plus, you save money being a Florida resident at these theme parks. You know how expensive they can be.

Add Lower Cost of Living…No State Income Tax!!!

Whether you are thinking of relocating your family, wanting to retire, or looking for a second home, our state has it all. People plan vacations here and wish they never had to get back to their daily grind. Some of us simply choose to live the vacation lifestyle all year long. Think about it. Florida is just a superb place to call home.

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