Hurricane Season

Hurricane-Ready Homes

While we acknowledge there really isn’t a hurricane-ready home, since no one is really ready for a hurricane, you can at least count on your new Florida home withstanding the fury of a hurricane better than ever.

Summer Flowers for Florida Homes - hanging basket

Summer Flowers for Florida Homes

As a resident of a new Florida home, you have no doubt noticed the heat can get intense during the summer.
For a flower gardener, the summer heat can be distressing. But there are flowers you can plant that will withstand the high temperatures and help keep your Florida home looking beautiful.

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Grand Haven Golf

Golf Course Living in Florida Homes

t is impossible to think about Florida homes without considering a golf course community. A golf course community provides a relaxed atmosphere where the greens are always shimmering and the clubhouse amenities are inviting.

Traditional Florida Homes

The gated community hearkens back to an era when neighbors were close and took the time to get to know each other. It’s not way out on the edge of the city, either. While it provides a serene setting surrounded by conservation areas, it’s right in the middle of some of the best shopping in Ormond Beach.

Why So Many People Are Retiring in Florida - Florida retirement e1709588849535

Why So Many People Are Retiring in Florida

Last winter you declared you’d shoveled the snow off the front walk for the last time. You’ve retired from your job and the kids have all moved away, so there’s nothing keeping you there. It’s time to consider moving to a Florida home.

Jacksonville Home Builder

If you’re searching for a new job, the Jacksonville metro area is a good place to look. Once you get that job, Jacksonville home builder ICI Homes can provide you with a new Florida home.

Moving to a Florida home

June begins the biggest time of the year for people moving.
Once school lets out, the family packs up the house and takes off for their new home, usually because of a job relocation.