Moving to Florida Checklist

Although summer typically is the peak season to move, becoming a new Florida homeowner can happen any time of year. Summer is when most folks pack up and relocate, particularly families. Moving is easier once schools break for summer and adults take vacations. But no matter when you move, these resources can help guide you through the process and make moving to Florida easier.

Carefully considering each topic can help make a Florida move as stress-free as possible.

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How will you move?

Deciding who will transport your household belongings from your former home to your new one involves multiple decisions. You’ll need to know how to choose a mover, determine the cost of your move and how to best pack your belongings.

Don’t forget the fine print!

Hiring a mover is a business transaction. You should know your rights throughout the process. You also can learn about obtaining estimates from movers and the kinds of contracts used once you decide on a mover. A very important topic is knowing the liability for losses and damages, should those occur during your move.

Do your homework

The Florida Division of Consumer Services offers online links to federal, state and professional organizations associated with the moving industry. These resources help new Florida homeowners learn about all aspects of the process, from a list of terms you should know, to how to file a claim against a mover.

The American Moving and Storage Association is one helpful resource listed by the Florida Division of Consumer Services. The AMSA offers a Pre-Move Countdown Checklist to help you gauge when and how to accomplish the many tasks necessary to relocate. Here are some of the most important tasks.

Notification of a change of address

Advising everyone of your new Florida address extends beyond family, friends and business associates. Consider sending change-of-address cards to banks and financial institutions, creditors, insurance companies (homeowners, automotive, health, life and others), magazine and newspaper subscriptions, the Social Security Administration and utility companies (electric, gas, water).

Speaking of utility companies…

You should notify those and other delivery companies when to stop service to your old address and when to start it at your new Florida address. These include utilities, laundry and water-softener and bottled-water services.

Transfer your records

These are critical for a smooth transition to your new Florida home. Taking the time to do it helps minimize administrative delays and snafus once you arrive. Remember to transfer records for automotive registrations, places of worship, physicians and hospitals, driver’s licenses, attorneys, prescriptions, pharmacies and schools.

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