Tips for Building a New Home as a New Parent

The criteria for the perfect home certainly change once you decide to have children. Beautiful architecture and unique features fall to the side in favor of extra bedrooms and safe surroundings.

If you and your growing family are house hunting, here are some things you should look for in order to build the perfect family home.

Room to Grow

When it comes to planning and building a family home, we at Modernize think that the more space, the better. This includes at least one or two extra bedrooms than you currently require, for additional children and guests. But space is about more than just bedrooms, so when you begin the planning process, think about these additional factors to give you and your family more room to grow.

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Closets and built-in storage units in bedrooms, bathrooms, and hallways are always good for family living. You will be surprised at just how much you will accumulate after a few years as a family of three, or four, or more.

A large backyard is a must for families with growing, endlessly energetic kids. Even if you have local amenities nearby, you will be thankful for a big, secure space right outside your backdoor for your family to run around and let off steam.

For most families, more people usually means bigger cars. Find a home with a large driveway and double garage to house your family minivan and outdoor toys (big garages have plenty of extra storage space, as well).

Family Friendly Bonuses

While space is a must with family homes, there are a few bonuses that will give your growing family’s new house an added boost. Look for homes with some of these features to set yours apart from the rest.

A second reception room or den can be turned into a playroom when your children are very young. When your kids have grown, this extra room can be easily converted into a family recreation room.

Security systems and good locks are another bonus for family friendly houses. If you find a home with one of these systems already installed, you can save yourself time and money and feel instantly secure from the minute you move in.

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A large family bathroom with a bathtub will be appreciated as your children grow. Just remember that you will never be able to enjoy the bathroom by yourself.

City dwelling homeowners will know that off street parking is sometimes impossible to find, but it’s extra important for families with young children. If you can, choose a home with somewhere safe to park, load, and unload yourselves and all your belongings (because believe me, you will spend a lot of your time doing this).

Safety First

After you’ve found or planned the perfect family home, double check its safety features. As far as the exterior is concerned, a good family home has no deep ravines, large holes, or high cliffs surrounding the house. Ideally, your backyard should be fenced in to keep your kids in and unwanted guests out. Although you probably have done your research already, consider the area surrounding your home. Is it in a good neighborhood? Are there lots of other families nearby? These are both good signs for your family home.

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The interior safety of the house is just as important as the exterior. Make sure all staircases are secured with railings (some homeowners prefer ranch or bungalow style homes with young children). Check that you can secure other potential dangers, such as fireplaces, open kitchen areas, stairs, and doorways.

Fixer Upper?

Will you have lots of time for large renovations or multiple DIY projects with young children running around?

Check your home’s HVAC systems, foundations, roofing, and look out for damp, dry rot, and other potential issues before moving in.

Complete any large DIY projects in the main living areas first (living room, kitchen, kids’ bedrooms) and save extensions and other small renovation projects for later.

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Consider move-in ready properties and new builds, or get to know your local tradesmen (and keep them on speed dial!).


*This article was written by Kaitlin Krull at Modernize. If you’re searching for contractors to help with your home projects, our friends at Modernize will connect you to the right people to receive free cost estimates, schedule an at-home consultation, or get a customized quote based on your unique situation!