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How to Tame Your New Pantry

One of life’s residential truisms is that too much storage space is never enough.

Closets, drawers and garages get crammed full of current, former and forgotten items, and the search for them can resemble a volcanic eruption.

But, there are innumerable ways to tame the storage beast, especially in the kitchen. If you’re building a new custom Florida home or thinking about it, your kitchen pantry is one area that can, and should be, designed to control the chaos.

Don’t fall into the trap of tossing everything in there when you move and think you’ll figure it out later! Moving is hectic […]

Tips to Make Your Bedroom the Restful, Peaceful Place It Should Be

In today’s modern life, bedrooms often support more than their original function.

They’re for snoozing, of course, but also for lounging, TV watching, catching up with loved ones, reading and, unfortunately, working. Larger bedrooms also contain a separate seating area and spa-like adjoining bathrooms.

No matter your bedroom’s size or contents, its first priority should be to provide you with a quiet place to recharge. Just remember that ongoing research about the corrosive effects of stress make it even more imperative to get your eight hours of shuteye.

Here’s our tips to make your bedroom the restful, peaceful place it should be.
Ban […]

Real-Life Cleaning Tips for Real Life

“House cleaning is my favorite activity,” said no one ever.

Cleaning the abode is something that must be done on a regular basis, and more than a few of us put it off as long as possible, then panic when the doorbell rings.

We all know people whose homes are sparkling enough to eat off their floors. They just aren’t us.

But we all can do better, especially if we’re moving into a new custom Florida home. With a little pre-planning and forethought, there are ways to lessen the chore aspect of house cleaning. All it takes is mindfulness and a willingness […]

How to Create a Showstopper Entry for Your New Home

Most of us enter our homes via a side entrance.

You know, from the garage. Past a mudroom, laundry room or kitchen.

Thankfully these days we’re putting more thought into ergonomics and making every space in our homes as functionally pleasing as possible. Well-designed-and-lit family entries with stash zones for belongings, and whimsical laundry rooms as carefully curated as the rest of your new custom Florida home, are more the norm than the exception.

No more tromping through a boring corridor, past unattractive washers, dryers and ironing boards!

But what about our front door? The entry used by visitors, repair people and neighbors […]

How to Properly Store Mementos, Important Papers and Seasonal Decorations

If you’re preparing to move from your current home into a new custom Florida home, you might be ready to start a plan for better household organization and storage.

Oh, the junk! Stuff you didn’t know you had! Oops, but some of it is important. What do you do with it?

Here’s how to properly store mementos, important papers and seasonal decorations.
First, assess your stash
What do you have? How much? Which items stay or go away?

Some things are non-negotiable — passports, birth certificates, military discharge paperwork and Social Security cards.

Some things are not — holiday cards received every year for the […]

Think Like a Designer: Tips For Your New Home’s Decor

You’re ready to build your new custom Florida home, or already are under contract and underway.


Now you must decorate it.


That’s often the reaction from folks who aren’t into such things, or who’ve never had to tackle the assignment. Choosing paint colors just isn’t on their bucket list, and they’re fine with whatever their spouse or partner or kids want.

But if every member of your household is in a we’ve-never-done-this design quandary, never fear. If you take advantage of the complimentary customization consultation available to every potential ICI Homes customer (please do!), you’ll have one of our talented floor plan […]

Dreaming Big? Statement Items for Your New Owner’s Suite

You’re finally committing to the new custom Florida home you want, and your carefully curated wish list contains a number of must-haves for your secret hideaway — A.K.A., the owner’s suite.

Go ahead and plan a backyard tree house for the kids, or a pool for party fun. But if you don’t get that soaking tub in the bathroom, you might as well not move, right?

We can help! ICI Homes has built custom homes all over Florida for more than four decades. We’ve made thousands of dreams come true. So if you’re dreaming big, follow along. We’ll share some statement […]

ICI Homes Wins Five Awards at Flagler County Parade of Homes 2019

The Flagler County Parade of Homes 2019 awards results are in. ICI Homes is proud to announce that we took home 5 awards this year! We had entries in our Ormond Beach community of Plantation Bay Golf and Country Club, as well as in Palm Coast for our “On Your Lot” division.
This year’s winners
The Egret II in Plantation Bay:
• The Parade of Homes Award of Excellence
• The Realtor Choice Award: 2nd Place for $525,000 and Above

The Blossom II in Plantation Bay:
• The Parade of Homes Award of Excellence

The Serena in Plantation Bay:
• Grand Award

The Juliette in Palm Coast:
• The Parade […]

ICI Homes Wins Three Awards in Tampa Bay Parade of Homes 2019

We are excited to announce that ICI Homes has won three awards in this year’s Tampa Bay Parade of Homes. Our models in Asturia in Odessa, Florida and FishHawk Ranch in Lithia, Florida both took home awards.
This year’s awards

The Serena in Asturia: The Silver Award for the $500-$549k Price Range

The Serena in Asturia: Best in Class for Merchandising

The Shenandoah at FishHawk Ranch: The Grand Award for the $1 Million – $1.2 Million Price Range
Multi-year award winners
Not only did both our Serena model home and Shenandoah model home win awards this year, but both were also winners in previous Parade […]

How to Clear the Toughest Clutter

For most of us, it’s easy to toss, recycle or donate duplicate household furnishings, old kids’ toys and clothing we no longer wear or need.

But how about those boxes of vacation photos (taken with actual cameras)? Physical vestiges from former careers such as uniforms? The Mothers or Fathers Day gifts made by your now-grown child?

Those items aren’t so blithely pitched into a discard pile. The emotional attachment and memories we harbor over sentimental “junk” can make it difficult to blaze ahead with restorative, clutter-busting projects.

But if you’re preparing to move into a new custom Florida home, now is the […]