Get Moving: Neighborhood Walkability and Sidewalks

Do you take walks around your current neighborhood as part of your daily routine? Maybe a regular run or bicycle ride alone, or with friends or family members? Are you done with your neighborhood’s aged, uneven sidewalks? Don’t even have sidewalks, you say? Must dodge road traffic and neighbors’ smelly dumpsters on garbage day?

Get Moving: Why Sidewalks and Neighborhood Walkability are a Must-HaveYeah, you are done. And we at ICI Homes suggest running, not walking, to a new custom Florida home in a master-planned community where generous, level sidewalks protect you from obstacles and hazards.

A neighborhood’s walkability is one of many must-have amenities in today’s master-planned communities, but especially in Florida, where the balmy climate makes outdoor recreation possible year round.

Not only can the paths formed by new sidewalks be incorporated into individual fitness routines, they also can foster active family outings, or provide a quiet environment to walk and talk.

Read on for more about this important recreational amenity.

How neighborhood sidewalks enhance a community

“What’s the big deal?” you ask.

Sidewalks remain as important in today’s master-planned communities as they are in older ones. They still connect an entire community. The bonus is that in new communities, they’re level and usually much wider, to accommodate strollers, bicycles and today’s more active lifestyle.

In some new master-planned communities, sidewalks connect with small bridges over creeks, ponds and marshy areas, temporarily giving way to softer material underfoot. Think of cart paths that connect the holes on a golf course, but yields to turf alongside sensitive fairways and greens. Residential sidewalk systems are no different.

They wind through neighborhoods and are accessed at multiple locations. Walk, run or ride the paths in your neighborhood for certain mileage, then continue into the next neighborhood, pocket park or community green space for an extended workout.

Another plus of walking paths in today’s master-planned communities is that they’re attractive. Ponds, blooming landscapes and shaded areas with benches are common. Sidewalks also sometimes lead users past playgrounds and dog parks — great if Fido is running or walking with you.

Where to find them

ICI Homes has built custom homes all over the state of Florida for more than four decades. We know how crucial resident amenities are in today’s master-planned communities, so the majority of our communities feature wide sidewalks, walking paths, or neighborhood trails.

Ready for your new custom Florida home? Talk to ICI Homes here and we’ll help you find your perfect walkable community!