Tour Inventory Homes with NterNow Remote Access

Searching for a new custom Florida home? It’s getting easier these days as homebuilders work to make the process even more user-friendly. Cutting-edge technology makes virtual touring and Tour Inventory Homes with NterNow Remote Accessbuying as seamless as navigating either process in person, and NterNow adds to builders’ and buyers’ toolboxes by allowing potential customers to access properties they want to visit physically without a sales agent in tow.

NterNow is a phonetic play on “enter now.” The system allows buyers to see more new homes on their own, and helps sales agents feel a little less pulled-in-all-directions. It’s also a good way to minimize contact with other folks during a global health crisis, and to contemplate and evaluate a property alone, with only a spouse or partner, or your family.

We at ICI Homes are using NterNow technology in many of our master-planned communities, and those where we’re a preferred builder. If you’re unfamiliar with it, we’re happy to help.

Here’s how to tour inventory homes with NterNow remote access.

Look for the orange signs!

Let’s say you’re intrigued by several quick-move-in homes built by ICI Homes in various neighborhoods. You’re in the area and ready to go — or decided to check it out on a whim — but it’s before our model homes and sales centers open, or after they’ve closed.

You’d have to wait for the sales agents to open for business, or for the next day.

If the homes are equipped with NterNow, you don’t have to wait.Tour this home with NterNow Look for the orange signs. You also can click the MOVE-IN READY tab on our website’s home page and scan all our available quick-move-in homes by community. Homes equipped with NterNow have an orange banner on their photo.

Either way, head for the front door of the empty new custom Florida home you’d like to tour, and follow the access directions on the NterNow lock. Do it one of two ways: call the number listed or download the NterNow app for your smart phone, then follow prompts.

Once access is granted, you’ll enter the home and tour it at your own pace. Don’t forget to take photos or notes on your phone or a notepad. When you’re finished, exit through the front door. The NterNow lock automatically locks behind you.

One thing to remember: you can’t use the NterNow system before 7 a.m. or after dusk in your time zone.

A useful tool for all

Using NterNow can help you and ICI Homes’ sales team streamline the home-buying process.

First, search online and virtually using our 3D interactive and guided video tours, plus interactive floor plans and photo galleries, then personally tour the homes on your schedule.

Ready for your new custom Florida home? Talk to ICI Homes now.