Homeowner Maintenance Made Easy: Caulking Window Exteriors

Rest assured your new custom Florida home from ICI Homes is stout, strong, and ready to welcome you with every structural component.

We build EQ Factor homes, using the latest technology, building techniques, and materials. Combined with our crews’ and contractors’ skill and experience, this ensures a tighter building envelope and a more energy-efficient, environmentally friendly home.

Monitoring the exterior caulk seal around your windows is one maintenance task that helps you continue to enjoy their EQ Factor strength. As a home ages, it’s normal for exterior window caulk to need refreshing. A good caulk seal helps keeps wind and rain on the outside looking in!

We at ICI Homes recommend you check your windows every 30 days. If you see cracked or shriveled caulk on their exterior seals, that means it’s time to go to work.

How to prepare the surface

Assemble your weatherproof caulk, a caulk applicator, caulk removal tool (a chisel scraper is a good option), and a damp sponge or cloth.

First, use the chisel or scraper to remove the old caulk from around the window. Gently pry up a section and strip it off as you work your way around the frame. Once the old caulk is gone, grab the damp sponge or cloth and clean the area where the new caulk will go.

Window Caulking Homeowner MaintenanceHow to caulk the window seal

Now it’s caulking time. Snip off the tip of the caulk tube with a pair of scissors. Or, if your applicator has them, use its built-in components to open the tube. Apply the new caulk at a 45-degree angle, working slowly to put down a controlled line of it on each side of your window. Carefully applying the caulk avoids excess clean-up and product waste.

Next, use a wet fingertip to smooth down the fresh caulk all around the window. This establishes the new seal and ensures your weathertight, EQ Factor window never skips a beat of protection. Gently wipe away leftover caulk and remaining nearby dust and dirt with the damp sponge or cloth.

Allow the caulk to cure for 24 hours and you’re done!

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