Create a Welcoming Entry to Your Home

When we’re buying a new custom Florida home, it’s easy to focus on areas we’ll use the most, but don’t overlook the entry to your home!

We exit and re-enter our homes pretty much every day. When visitors arrive, we want them to feel welcomed (and a little impressed!). So, it’s smart to consider the ease and appearance of those entry points. Once you’re in residence, your entry “scenes” are set, and ready to outfit with art and other decorative devices.

Almost every home has two common entries — the front door and the garage door. Peruse the tips below for ideas on how to stage all your new entryways. Don’t forget to check out our image search to get inspiration from all of our model homes!

The main entry to your home- the front doorCreate a Welcoming Entry to Your Home - welcoming entry way 768x960 1

This is where visitors enter your home, and you want their first — or 427th — impression to be a positive one.

The elevation (exterior appearance) of your new custom Florida home and its landscaping provide a ready frame for your front door. Add your touches with an attractive planter or two that brim with flowers or petite topiaries. Pop a wreath on the door, something you can do all year depending on the season, special occasions, and holidays.

Inside, you want your entry to be well-lit, with room for several people to congregate comfortably. A mirror — either on a table or chest or wall-mounted — is handy for checking appearances. A piece of statement art (painting, sculpture, etc.) can be the wow factor. Plan for coat hooks on an entry wall, or a nearby closet for outwear.

Two more tips: an attractive container for umbrellas, and doormats inside and outside.

The garage door

It’s where most of us come and go from our homes every day. Departing and returning via our vehicles — unless the garage houses something else, and vehicles park in the driveway.

Create a Welcoming Entry to Your Home - garage e1699564465634 768x536 1Hey, it happens.

Practicality rules here, but you want it to look neat and blend with the rest of your home’s decor rather than treat it as a dumping ground or afterthought. This is known as a “drop zone,” and it’s a good place to consider cubbyholes for family members’ coats, sports equipment and backpacks.

Or, perhaps a bench to sit on to remove wet shoes, and coat hooks, again, for the obvious, plus dog leashes, keys and other things you tend to grab near the door.

Definitely doormats! Even if you’re entering from a dry, clean garage.

Also, try some fun wall art. It can be anything from a favorite saying, to a montage of family photos, or a spot to exhibit kids’ art projects.

If you have a pool

You’ll want a cabana bathroom. This is located at the back of the house with a direct entry from your outdoor living area. It eliminates people in bathing suits dripping all over your interior flooring and creating a slipping hazard, not to mention a mopping chore.

Any entry to your home is an important area that shouldn’t be overlooked. It’s the first and last impression guests will have, and it can set the tone for the entire home.

ICI Homes, with its commitment to superior design and customization, likely understands the significance of creating a welcoming and attractive entryway for its customers.

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