Two 2021 Pantone Colors of the Year Right at Home in Florida

For many people, a new year is an opportunity to embrace change, especially after challenging seasons, or in the wake of our recent global health crisis. Flipping the calendar is a natural way to switch gears, but not all change must be huge to be impactful. For example, why not freshen up your décor? Two 2021 Pantone Colors of the Year Right at Home in FloridaNew interior paint can brighten your home’s living spaces and your enjoyment of them. And, we at ICI Homes have just the suggestion — the 2021 Pantone colors of the year.

Every December, the Pantone Color Institute chooses a color that reflects design trends, lifestyles and other societal and cultural barometers. The Institute proclaims the Pantone Color of the Year for the upcoming year, a choice that usually resonates with designers and consumers alike.

The Institute typically chooses one color. But, heading into 2021, we get to enjoy two Pantone Colors of the Year — “Ultimate Gray” and “Illuminating” — a double dose of encouragement as we navigate a pandemic.

“Ultimate Gray” is comforting and calm while “Illuminating” pops with cheeriness. As a bonus, they’re also complimentary colors.

Here’s how both Pantone Colors of the Year can transform your new custom Florida home.

What’s the Pantone Color Institute?

The New-Jersey-based Pantone’s color research and formulations have set industry standards for color accuracy and identification since its 1963 founding.

Its systems for color naming and numbering ensure that the shade of blue chosen by a designer for a rug design, is the same blue that shows up in the finished product.

Pantone’s identification system is used worldwide for products, fashion, home and industrial design, and many other applications such as cosmetics and those colorful T-shirts at your favorite clothing store.

The Institute named its first “Color of the Year” in 2000. The 2021 selections are its 23rd such selection.

“Ultimate Gray” and “Illuminating” Colors of the Year right at home in Florida

“Ultimate Gray’s” earthy, solid hue works well in any part of your home.Colors of the Year in Florida landscapes Its quiet strength is unbeatable as a neutral backdrop, or a soothing envelope for a home office.

Although brilliant tropical colors might be your first expectation, there’s no shortage of gray in Florida’s landscape — think of clouds during summer storms and the variations of gray you’ll find in seashells and the sand on Florida’s beaches.

“Illuminating’s” bright yellow is classic Florida citrus.Colors of the Year 2021 Master Bathroom Design It also represents the Sunshine State’s namesake and is perfect for enlivening a kitchen, family activity area or an interior guest bathroom that could use a color boost.

Want an instant pick-me-up in the laundry room? “Illuminating” is your paint choice.

Use both it and “Ultimate Gray” for a natural design pairing — “Ultimate Gray” as the primary wall color with “Illuminating” as an accent color on one wall. If you’re buying or building a new custom Florida home, consider both colors for your design wish list.

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