Need an Instant Vacation? Try Beach-House Decor

As of this writing, summer getaways might look a bit different this season as our communities and the world at large begin transitioning out of our recent health crisis.

Need an Instant Vacation? Try Beach-House DecorWeeks at home, followed by measured re-introductions into public life probably has many folks thinking, “wow, I could use a vacation.” We at ICI Homes hear you!

We’ve also been observing local, state and CDC guidelines while continuing to help you find your new custom Florida home. And, the good news is we have a wealth of online and 3D virtual tools for anyone seeking a new home from a distance.

At the same time, we’re welcoming back prospective customers for safe, private, one-on-one appointments in our communities.

But, whether you’re thinking “staycation” while you search for a new custom Florida home, or know you’ll prefer a coastal vibe once you find it, we have some helpful hints.

Here’s how beach-house decor can take you on an instant vacation.

Try coastal colors

Sometimes a fresh color palette can do wonders to boost our creativity and energy.

Think watery blues of all hues, vibrant greens that echo palm trees and lush landscaping, and warm vanilla and light pink hues that evoke sandy beaches. Browns of all gradients bring in rich oaks, honeyed pines and other woodsy tints.

Don’t forget that Florida citrus — vibrant lemon-yellows, oranges and red grapefruits.Costa Mesa Kitchen with Citrus Accents

Also consider coastal colors as accents. You might not want an entire home awash in deep ocean blue, but it can transform boring powder and laundry rooms into fun spaces.

Comfortable furnishings

If you’re a veteran of beachside vacations, you know durably upholstered furniture is a delight to sink into after an active day.

“Durable” is key here. For many residents, Florida living means considerable time outdoors enjoying the year-round mild climate. Fragile home furnishings and fabrics won’t hold up well to sand, sun and water, so do some homework on today’s sun-resistant fabrics and colors.

Front Porch Beach House DecorDenim and cotton duck are great for casual living areas indoors and out. Bonus points if you go the slipcover route and can throw them in the wash! Don’t overlook outdoor furniture either. It’s a crucial element for most coastal residents, even if only a pair of easy-living rocking chairs.

Reserve dressier or more valuable furniture for non-active areas of your home.

Beach-house art and decor

We know — you don’t want your new custom Florida home to look like a gift shop!

It doesn’t have to. Start by experimenting with areas of your home where coastal-themed items can fit in without sticking out.

Bathrooms, outdoor living areas or a study or home office often can accommodate gathered seashells in jars or baskets. A kitchen can feature trivets, towels or serving pieces with sea-life motifs. An exuberant print of tropical foliage can be a focal point anywhere.

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