Five Different Ways to Customize a Flex Room

A home that matches your household’s lifestyle is perhaps the top reason to build a new custom Florida home. You get the floorplan, lot and neighborhood that’s right for you and your family, no matter if they’re kindergartners or elderly parents digging their new in-law suite.

One way to do this is by utilizing flex space in your floorplan. It’s a staple of our award-winning plans at ICI Homes and it allows you to have flexible space for more than bedrooms, bathrooms This study or home office at the Isabella at Browns Landing is a great example of using a flex room practically.and living areas. Need an office, or space for teenagers to gather with friends? Done.

The best news is your flex room can evolve into something else as families age and change. So, grab that extra space and work with your ICI Homes design team to place it where you’d like it. Read on for five different ways to use a flex room.

Home office

Many of us work from home, whether telecommuting or self-employed. That means an office is mandatory. Make it traditional with desks and chairs, or use a simple table for your laptop. If multiple family members use the office, consider storage for everyone’s stuff, plus enough chairs and work surfaces to accommodate more than one user.

Talk to your builder about the possibility of built-in bookcases and furniture, and installing enough electrical outlets for technology needs. Don’t forget to budget space for a comfy sofa or several chairs. Those are good landing spots during conference calls!

Home gym

Maybe a fitness-center or gym membership isn’t your thing. You’d rather roll out of bed and onto a treadmill rather than commute to one. Co-opt the flex space in your ICI Homes floorplan and declare it your new home gym. You’ll have to decide how to equip it, and whether you’d like a mirrored wall behind your weight rack, but here are a few hints:

Place the gym out of public view and privatize it with a solid door that seals well. No one wants to hear your workout music, you singing along, or weights clattering the floor.

Hardcore fitness not your style? A flex room is perfect for your yoga practice.

Kids’ play room

Here’s the answer to corralling toys, games — both board and digital — and all the random playthings strewn all over the house. Designate your flex room as a play room, then change it as kids grow up. Once the toys have been passed to other family members or friends, re-work the room into a study and relaxation hub for older kids.

Craft room

If you sew and need space for a sewing machine and supplies, the flex room is your answer. Any hobby or fun activity is a candidate. A flex room is tailor-made for a drafting table or painting easels. Work with your designer and builder to site the craft room where it’ll catch the best natural light.

Multi-purpose entertainment room

Yes, you can install a home theater. Phooey on waiting in line to buy tickets for the latest blockbuster! Stage your own film festival at home. To get more versatility, dial back the theater aspect — opt for smaller, movable seats that also can belly up to a card table, for example — and add a small bar or snack station.

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