Retiring to a Florida home

Last winter you declared you had shoveled the snow off the front walk for the last time.
You have retired from your job and the kids have all moved away, so there’s nothing keeping you there. It’s time to consider moving to a Florida home.
Jacksonville home builder ICI Homes has several communities to consider if northeast Florida is to your liking. Consider taking a vacation to the Jacksonville area and check out an ICI Florida home.
Retiring to a Florida home - Florida home
ICI Homes can offer you a variety of choices from a golf-course home to a house near the beach or a river, or if you want entertainment and shopping, it has communities nearer the city core. All with Florida homes of many different designs and floor plans.
Here are some attributes of the Jacksonville area to consider:

  • The climate of the area is moderate. The coldest month is January where the average high is 64.2 degrees and the average low is 41.9 degrees, according to the National Weather Service.
  • The cost of living in the Jacksonville area is well below the national average. Also, Florida has no income tax, which adds to the low cost.
  • Jacksonville has high quality medical facilities, including one of three U.S. locations of the Mayo Clinic.
  • Golf, fishing and gardening are year-round pursuits in the Jacksonville area, but if you’ve just got to have a part-time job, the area also has a dynamic economy with a wide variety of available occupations.
  • Jacksonville also offers pro sports, including the Jaguars of the NFL, and a variety of arts and cultural experiences.

If these are the attributes you’re looking for in a retirement area, consider letting Jacksonville home builder ICI Homes build the custom home with everything you want in it. Or if you just can’t wait, ICI also has a large selection of ready-to-move in Florida homes.
ICI Homes has been building in the Jacksonville area for many years and is known for providing a high quality product and caring customer service. It also builds in the Daytona Beach, Orlando and Tampa areas.

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