Moving to a Florida home

June begins the biggest time of the year for people moving.
Once school lets out, the family packs up the house and takes off for their new home, usually because of a job relocation.
Moving to a Florida home - Florida homes2
Many people will be moving into new Florida homes this summer and the Florida Division of Consumer Services has a lengthy list of tips for making your move. The topics covered are:

  • How to choose a mover.
  • Determining the cost of your move.
  • Packing.
  • Your rights in hiring a mover.
  • Estimates and contracts.
  • Liability for losses and damages.
  • Internet searches.
  • Terms you should know.
  • How to file a claim against a mover.
  • How to contact the Florida Division of Consumer Services.

The division also has this moving checklist:
Send out change-of-address cards to:
— Banks/Financial Institutions
— Creditors
— Friends and Relatives
— Insurance Companies: Homeowners, Automotive, Health, Life, etc.
— Magazine Subscriptions
— Newspaper Subscriptions
— Social Security Administration
— Utility Company (Electric, Gas, Water)
Notify these utility companies and delivery services when to stop services at your old address and begin services at your new address:
— Electric/Gas Utilities
— Laundry/Cleaning Service
— Newspaper Delivery
— Telephone Service
— Water/Garbage Pickup
— Water Softener/Bottled Water
Transfer Records:
— Automotive Registration
— Place of Worship
— Physicians/Hospitals
— Drivers License
— Attorneys
— Prescriptions and Pharmacy
— Schools
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