Practical Packing Tips for When You Move

Moving is expensive, time-consuming and frustrating, even if you’re excited about your new custom Florida home.

It’s a massive undertaking that requires weeks, if not months of planning, and there’s almost always one or two last-minute crises to sour moods and disrupt timing.packing boxes

But one thing you usually can ace is the packing — if you plan it in advance. Here’s our list of practical packing tips for when you move.

Do this first

Schedule your moving date with your mover as far out as you can.

Summer is the most hectic and expensive season to move because everyone does it while kids are out of school and the weather’s nice. You’ll pay premium prices. If you have the option, move during cooler times of year, and you may score discounts from movers who want to work.

Also think outside the (moving) box.

Moving in the middle of a month, on a weekday, might save you even more. Leases typically expire at the beginning and end of a month, which also are favorite times for house closings.

Buy good black markers

So you can label your moving boxes.

Don’t merely write “bathroom” or “bedroom” on corresponding boxes of said stuff. The more detailed you are about what’s in those boxes, the less confusion and time you’ll waste once they’re delivered to your new home.

First, be clear about where a box’s contents belong. Specify master bedroom, garage, coat closet, and so on.

Second, write a brief description of what’s inside: coats, guest bathroom towels, kids’ toys.

Third, note the box’s weight: heavy or light. If you know one box is particularly heavy, say so in all caps: NEED TWO PEOPLE TO LIFT.

We suggest you not pack any box too full. There’s always a temptation to do this, to hurry up the process and use fewer boxes. But your movers will be happier with packed items evenly distributed throughout a number of boxes. It’s less huffing and puffing for them, and easier for you to haul around on your own, if necessary.

Use good packing material

Skip the newsprint. Its ink fades and stains, and the paper crumples like a potato chip. Instead, use heavy, wadded paper such as the clumps you find crammed inside new pairs of shoes.

Discarded printouts and shredded paper are other options. Instead of recycling your shredded paper, save it to use as moving-box padding.

How about that packing favorite, bubble wrap? Use it as you wish. Just remember to wrap breakable items tightly in it. And to tape its loose ends securely together.

Your goal is to prevent items from jostling inside their boxes.

Don’t create extra work

Don’t get detoured from packing by trips down memory lane. It’s why you declutter before you move. Unearthing old items, particularly sentimental ones, can halt your packing momentum. You’ll find yourself cruising through high school yearbooks and all the forgotten fashion mistakes in your closet.

Don’t seal boxes too soon. Make sure you have everything in a box that should be there. In fact, wait until you’ve packed everything in your house before sealing any moving boxes. Do a final walk-through, then begin sealing.

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