Tip from the Top “Improving Your Competitive Golf Skills”

Golf Driving RangeMost of our practice time for golf is spent alone on the driving range. To break up the monotony of just beating balls on the range, let’s put a little purpose to our practice and create a competition with ourselves to make our practice time more productive. Play 18 holes on the practice range. Instead of just hitting balls, we can play the course while never leaving the practice tee. To start, imagine yourself on the first tee of the golf course. Take your driver out and hit a tee shot that will leave you the easiest shot into the green. Assess the accuracy of your tee shot and imagine where it would have left you for your second shot. Now hit your shot into the green and determine where it would have finished. If you made the green, take a two putt and move on to the next hole. If you would have missed the green, play a chip shot to a yardage similar to what you would have been left with. Play all 18 holes in this manner. After you finish, practice the shots that gave you the most trouble during your imaginary
golf round. This fun little practice game will keep your attention and have an enthusiasm high during your practice session. Good Luck!

Written by JOHN POWELL, Director of Golf, Plantation Bay Golf & Country Club

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