4 Quick and Helpful Golf Tips

Gain a competitive edge and maximize your golf game with the following tips:

Tip 1: Stop Hitting the Golf Ball Heavy! A common shot that the average golfer brings upon themselves is hitting the ball heavy or the term Chunk!  As you strike the golf ball, the grip end of the club needs to be leading the hands and club head through the hitting area. This move causes the club head to compress the ball into the ground, which helps make your divot after the ball, not before.

Tip 2.  Posture. Achieving solid contact is having correct posture throughout the swing. This allows you to swing the club on the proper plane. The majority of golfers who struggle with making solid contact lose their posture as the club head connects with the ball. This leads too many miss-hits; fat and thin shots, hooks, slices and chunks. It is essential that you keep your posture, just as it is at address, throughout the swing.Better golf putting

Tip 3. Better Putting. Putting is the part of the golf game that we take the most stokes throughout a golf round. Two simple tips on better putting is to get your eyes over the ball and hold you finish.  When you are practicing, set up to your putt over the golf ball. Then take another golf ball and drop it from your eye level. The golf ball you drop should hit the ball you’re our addressing.  Lastly, when completing your putting stoke hold your finish and count in your head for 2-3secs. This will help the ball stay on your desired target line.

Tip 4.  Chipping. A major factor in hitting consistent chip shots is for the hands to lead the clubface through impact. The key is to make sure that you keep the hands ahead of the ball at address and also impact. Do not allow your wrists to dominate the shot. Players who get “wristy” at impact run the risk of thinning it clean through the green or chunking it a few inches.

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