3 Quick Tips to Improve Your Tennis Game

Staying ahead of the competition is important in any sport. Whether you a beginner, intermediate or advanced tennis player, tips can really help advance your game.  Below are three tennis tips that will impact and enhance your tennis skills!

When to Change the Direction of the Ball

Cross court rallies in a doubles game can be frustrating and tempt us to try the wrong shot at the wrong time. Keep your opponent deep in their own court while you’re in “the backcourt battle”. Consider changing the direction of the ball when:

  1. You get a short ball
  2. You are in a good balanced position and the ball is in your strike zone.
  3. You feel you can hit a winner or force your opponent to make a mistake.

Being patient and waiting for one of the above conditions will cut down on mistakes and build confidence in your shot selections. Good luck!

Draw the Curtain to Hit High Volleys Successfully

When you go to hit that high floating volley, imagine you are drawing a curtain while volleying. As you address the ball above the shoulder keep your racquet head up throughout the stroke and hit through the shot as if you were drawing a curtain. If you pull down too much, you pull the curtain off the rod. In this case, the ball goes in the net! Keep your head up and your racquet head up and draw the curtain to hit a good volley.  You’ll be amazed at how effective this is at avoiding a lot of costly and unnecessary mistakes.

Reach To the Top For a Better Serve

The serve is considered the most important stroke in the game. Yet, even the top players in the sport struggle to maintain a consistent delivery. It’s all in the toss.

When your serve isn’t working, you may become tentative and let your toss drop below the ideal contact point. This only makes things worse. Whenever your serve goes astray, force your tossing arm to extend upward completely before releasing the ball. Then reach to the top and strike the ball before it begins to drop.

Before you know it you will be hitting consistent first and second serves in your matches. Have fun and good luck!!

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