Golf Tips for Beginners

If you are not familiar with the terms eagles, birdies, bogeys and pars than you are definitely a beginner in golf.  Golf can be a difficult sport to master. So why is golf so popular and loved by many?  The answer is simple, it is an individual sport and most people love a challenge.  Who better to challenge than yourself!

You are a beginner of golf and want to get started.  Here are some helpful tips to jump start your golf game.

Choosing the Right Set of Clubs:

Golf can be very expensive.  Don’t go purchasing Nike Sasquatch 460 Driver because Tiger Woods uses it.  Ease into buying the top of the line golf sets and be thrifty.  There are plenty of golf shops that sell good quality affordable used sets by Taylor Made, Callaway or Cobra.  You can even go to retailers such as Walmart or Kmart to get a set for reasonable price.  The same goes for with golf balls. You will notice that every golf course has lakes or woods, so as a beginner in golf a box of golf balls can be lost before you know it.

Taking Lessons:

If you are a kid, golf is taught in many camps around your area.  If you are a student, golf is taught for credits.  If you are an adult there is golf academy or lessons from a local pro.  Again, see what is in your price range.  Golf is so popular these days that you probably know someone who can start teaching you the basics.

Where to Practice and Play:

It is in your best interest refrain from just jumping on the 1st tee and expect to play 18th holes of golf without any problems.  A driving range is the best place to practice.  If your shots are good or bad, there is no one to judge you.  Practice and repetition is a huge factor in golf.  Not only is a driving range an open field, most courses have bunkers and putting greens to help with your short game.

If you practiced some and are ready to conquer the golf course, Par-3 courses are the best for beginners.  These are generally nine holes and all holes are a Par 3.  If you are heading to a full 18 hole golf course ask some golfers for recommendations.  Choose a place that not to lengthy, not much sand or water and is not crowded.

Good Luck!

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