Your Perfect Swing!

There are many people that feel that golf is 80 percent mental. Maybe that’s true because golfers analyze the best way to get the golf ball into the pin. Most golf instructors do not agree that there is the “perfect swing” to achieve that goal. If you are an avid golfer, you may notice that there are many different swings that PGA and LPGA golfers use. All the swings may look different but they use the same basics: Grip, Aim and Follow Through. Here are some golf tips that can help you achieve your own “perfect swing.”

In lining up a shot stand behind the ball and face the target. Do not grip the club hard. If it was a scale from 1 to 10, grip at 4 or 5. This allows the club to be swung with more control, making sure that your hands and fore-arms feel relaxed and tension free.

The backswing is all about the arms, you want to draw it away in one motion. Slowly bring back the club and allow your left shoulder and arms to naturally bring all your weight to the left side. It’s very important that your hands are set at the top of the backswing so it prevents it from causing a negative club speed.

The downswing is when the club connects to the ball with the maximum speed. Drop your shoulder and rotate your hips to the target while keeping your eye on the ball. Completing the swing must have a consistent follow through. The clubface needs to stay square to give the ball proper height. The weight that you transferred to the right side from the backswing should be to the left, while your right knee should be facing the target, right foot showing up and hands close to your ear.

For golfers, the number one object is getting the golf ball into the hole in the fewest possible strokes. So do not worry how good or funny your swing could look, just follow the basic steps and create your own “perfect swing.”

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