Maximize Your Landscape in Cooler Florida Seasons

Maximize Your Landscape in Cooler Florida Seasons - AdobeStock 258416498

One of the joys of Florida living is the year-round temperate climate. Winter fronts occasionally bring chill, but it rarely sticks around and most cooler-season days and nights are clearer, drier and delightful. They’re also perfect for refreshing outdoor landscapes. Since Florida residents enjoy year-round gardening, greenery and blooming plants, fall, winter and early spring …

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Jacksonville poised for “Supernova” Growth

Jacksonville poised for “Supernova” Growth - jacksonville

The Kennedy Space Center in Brevard County is known as the centerpiece of Florida’s “Space Coast.” But did you know Jacksonville recently received astronomical recognition of its own? The 2022 version of the Urban Land Institute’s annual “Emerging Trends in Real Estate Report” included Jacksonville as one of five metro areas it calls “Supernovas.” It’s …

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Daytona Beach No. 3 on Best Places to Retire

Daytona Beach No. 3 on Best Places to Retire - AdobeStock 35186829

U.S. News & World Report recently released its 2021-22 rankings of the best places to retire in the U.S., and Florida’s results aren’t a surprise. The Sunshine State swept eight of the top 10 destinations, and one is ICI Homes’ hometown of Daytona Beach. It’s ranked No. 3. Florida’s dominance in the 2021-22 Best Places …

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Don’t Overlook the Laundry Room

Don’t Overlook the Laundry Room - Costa Mesa PB 408 09 10 11 12 13 14 Enhancer

When you build or a buy a new custom Florida home with ICI Homes, it’s easy to get excited about spacious floor plans, outdoor living spaces, and dreamy kitchens and master suites. Most of us anticipate designing those spaces. The laundry room, less so. We suggest not neglecting this utilitarian area sometimes known as a …

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Fall in Florida: Tips for Enjoying the Season

Fall in Florida

If you’re considering moving to Florida from a different climate, one aspect you might not anticipate is how seasons change in the Sunshine State. If the calendar says September, it must be time to haul out harvest decor and plunk cinnamon sticks in mulled cider, right? Yes! You can still enjoy all those things once …

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