Are New Construction Homes Worth It?

Are New Construction Homes Worth It? - New ConstructionWhen you’re searching for a new custom Florida home in today’s evolving residential real estate market, you’re probably comparison-shopping, number-crunching and glued to industry websites.

One question you might be asking is whether it’s worth it to buy a new construction home. It’s always good to ask. Only you know your circumstances, timing and resources.

But let’s re-phrase it. Instead of asking whether new construction homes are worth it, ask how new construction homes might be a better choice than resale homes.

We’ll unpack some answers below.

Consider more than price

We at ICI Homes have built new custom Florida homes all over the state for more than four decades, so we understand when potential customers ask whether new construction homes are worth it. Being cost-conscious is always a good idea.

More factors can be at play, however. A new home is built with the latest residential construction materials, techniques and technology, the components of which are acquired at current industry prices. Put another way, it’s priced at current market levels.

A resale home, no matter the age, is priced at current property values that include many factors such as condition, location, the health of its mechanical systems, its exterior and interior appearances, and more.

Also consider today’s real estate market. If demand exceeds supply (where the market is now), it’s considered a sellers’ market and resale homes often command stiffer asking prices. If it’s a buyers’ market and supply exceeds demand, buyers have more leeway to negotiate with sellers.

With the U.S. in a long-term housing shortage, sellers are more likely to have the upper hand.

New means it’s all yours

Aside from a new construction home being a potentially smarter buy in today’s competitive residential real estate market, it also comes with other benefits you might not consider at first.

To re-iterate, a new construction home contains the latest materials, technology and construction techniques. You won’t worry about having to retrofit it for WiFi, or how many years might remain in its existing heat pump.

Design CenterYou also won’t have to live with the previous owner’s design tastes. You’ll select all of that yourself when you visit the ICI Homes Design Center before building your own new custom Florida home. This also means you won’t have to pay additional renovation costs AFTER you buy a resale home, just to make it livable or to align with your tastes.

New inventory homes solve timing issues

Not everyone can wait on a new build, or wants to do so. But you still can buy a new construction home thanks to ICI Homes’ supply of inventory homes.

Inventory homes are built to sell rather than for a specific customer. These are our most versatile, popular floor plans and are finished with timeless colors and materials. Plus, many might come with builder incentives that make them even more worth it as new construction homes!

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