Can New Construction Home Prices Be Negotiated?

Can New Construction Home Prices Be Negotiated?

Can New Construction Home Prices Be Negotiated? You can’t know unless you ask.

Yes, it’s cliche, but don’t be afraid to ask if you’re searching for a new custom Florida home from ICI Homes. Our sales associates — online and on-site in the master-planned communities we develop and where we’re preferred builders — won’t mind!

We’ve built new custom Florida homes all over the Sunshine State for more than four decades and our sales pros definitely are familiar with that question. They’ll be happy to answer. Plus, it gives them the opportunity to share any special offers, builder incentives and reduced pricing that may be available at the time.

And, while it’s not like constantly negotiating back and forth with the owner of a resale home, asking a builder sales associate whether new construction home prices can be negotiated is one question that should be on your research list.

We’ll detail why below.

Know what moves your needle

First, establish your budget and other financial parameters before you begin your search for a new custom Florida home. Knowing what you need and want, and what you don’t, helps you set a smart purchase budget and stay within it.

Having that financial sweet spot gives you a gauge to measure any potential savings when you ask about negotiating new construction home prices — and any other costs associated with the purchase of a new custom Florida home.

Builder incentives

Perhaps the best-known route to negotiating new construction home prices is through limited-time price breaks and other savings opportunities known as builder incentives.

These can range from interest-rate buy downs with a builder’s preferred lender to additional credits on ICI Homes Design Center choices, to free upgrades (next-level kitchen appliances, for example), to help paying closing costs.

Can New Construction Home Prices Be Negotiated? - loan type 1Preferred lenders

Many home builders — ICI Homes included — often work with a bank or mortgage lender to offer limited-time perks such as lower interest rates on mortgages, or reduced down payments. This boosts business for both builder and lender, but also can be a budget boost for customers.

If this interests you, run your home-buying budget numbers using the builder’s and preferred lender’s current mortgage incentive, then shop other lenders for their offers. You may find the builder’s preferred lender carries the day. At the least, you’ll be versed on the current interest-rate climate and know where and how to find the best deal for you.

Other negotiation opportunities

Often, before the opening of new master-planned communities, builders seek to establish selling momentum by offering special pricing to customers willing to be the first residents. These perks can range from grand-opening price breaks, to having the pick of prime homesites or lots.

A similar opportunity can arise when a community is close to buildout. It’s usually when that community’s last phase opens for sales, or when only a few homesites or inventory homes remain for sale. Again, special incentives and pricing could be on offer.


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