Maximize Your Landscape in Cooler Florida Seasons

Maximize Your Landscape in Cooler Florida Seasons - AdobeStock 258416498

One of the joys of Florida living is the year-round temperate climate. Winter fronts occasionally bring chill, but it rarely sticks around and most cooler-season days and nights are clearer, drier and delightful. They’re also perfect for refreshing outdoor landscapes. Since Florida residents enjoy year-round gardening, greenery and blooming plants, fall, winter and early spring …

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Get Growing: Tips for Water-Wise Gardening

Get Growing: Tips for Water-Wise Gardening - watering garden

In Florida, gardening can be considered a form of outdoor recreation. The Sunshine State’s subtropical and tropical climates make gardening a year-round activity, and its warmth, rich soils and moisture provide near-perfect growing conditions. So why should water-wise gardening be important here? For several practical reasons. It’s a smart way to be kind to your …

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Garden Ideas: Plants That Say “Florida”

Florida Custom Home by ICI Homes with Landscaping, Gardening

Not everyone who buys or builds a new custom Florida home gets into gardening or landscape beautification. But, those of you who do will appreciate living in the Sunshine State. Gardening can be a never-ending pastime in Florida’s balmy climates. That means ICI Homes customers with green thumbs — or wannabes — can play in …

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