How to Feature Collections in Your New Home’s Interior Design

Do you have a collection of items you love, but no idea how to display them in your new custom Florida home?

We at ICI Homes understand.

Your grandfather made your first saltwater fishing rod, and the memory propelled you to collect handmade rods and reels. Or, you and your significant other adore contemporary art ceramics. You procure pieces together and love to source new ones or support favorite local artists.

Collecting antiques, memorabilia and other favorite things is the easy part. Guarding against them becoming garage-sale fodder? Sometimes, not so much.

But we’re happy to offer a few easy processes. Here’s more on how to feature collections in your new home’s interior design

Declutter them

Especially if space or overwhelm is an issue.

Keeping only the most exemplary, valuable, or meaningful pieces is a good rule of thumb. So is getting rid of multiple, similar items. Five 19th-century lawn croquet sets is a storage problem. One — plus maybe a backup — is a collectable worth enjoying.

What’s the best way to declutter a collection? If possible, remove each piece from its display or storage container and spread everything out on a large surface. Depending on the size of the items, a tabletop or bed will do. A floor is an excellent option if flexibility isn’t a problem.

Regardless of the surface, surveying an entire collection in one place will spotlight its enormity. It also will juxtapose every item so you can see exactly what you have, and how much. Seeing a collection in totality will reveal its size, condition, and what items have lost their attraction.

That’s good! Cull those items to sell or donate.

Corral them

Once you’ve decluttered and distilled a collection, the old adage to group like things with like things is a good barometer.

Part of a collection’s pull is its shared premise — antique dolls, themed kitchen potholders, or fly fishing ties. Viewing it en masse makes a decorative statement and allows the viewer to admire its finery, history or quality. And that goes for the collection as a whole, and individual items.

Plus, you won’t have bits and pieces strewn throughout the house without any unifying context.

Which brings us to…

Display them

Once you’ve inventoried and decluttered your collection, decide where it might fit in your new home (we don’t mean in storage boxes under a bed). Remember that artwork with similar themes, such as sailboats or comic book covers, can unify or spice up your interior design.

Here are a few suggestions:

* Use glass jars for seashells, marbles and other small items.
* Baskets and stackable acrylic boxes can handle larger items.
* Assemble similar paintings to hang on a wall in a living area or home office.
* Accent book shelves with pottery or action figurines.
* Have handmade artwork from kids or grandkids? Use it to decorate bedrooms or family rooms.

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