Maximize Your Landscape in Cooler Florida Seasons

One of the joys of Florida living is the year-round temperate climate. Winter fronts occasionally bring chill, but it rarely sticks around and most cooler-season days and nights are clearer, drier and delightful.

They’re also perfect for refreshing outdoor landscapes. Maximize Your Landscape in Cooler Florida SeasonsSince Florida residents enjoy year-round gardening, greenery and blooming plants, fall, winter and early spring are prime times to change up, cut back and do those needed outdoor chores that border on drudgery in warmer weather.

Thinking of planting new perennials? Installing a fountain? Now’s the time — assuming, of course, you’re a do-it-yourselfer who enjoys working on your outdoor living spaces.

We’ll assume this is true. Even if it’s not, perhaps we’ll inspire you to dabble in a little gardening and horticultural designing.

Below are some tips to maximize your outdoor landscapes in cooler Florida seasons.

Overhaul tired containers and flower beds

If the petunias you planted in July look tired, it’s time for them to go.

The first step to refreshing your outdoor landscape is to take a quick tour of it, or begin tackling that to-do list you compiled while waiting for cooler weather. Flowers or vegetables that appear spent should go in your compost heap. Roses may need dead-heading (snipping shriveled flowers). Overgrown hibiscus and bottle brush shrubs need a haircut.

Have poinsettias from holiday decorations or that you received as gifts? Plant those puppies! They’re evergreens in semi-tropical and tropical climates and will re-bloom (google the how-tos).

Poinsettias also are thrifty temporary solutions to bedraggled container gardens. Remove the old plants and plop the poinsettias in those pots. They’re a smart placeholder until spring, allowing you to enjoy the holiday spirit well into the new year.

Finally, if you’re new to Florida and unsure whether favorites such as lilacs will thrive here (unlikely, but no harm experimenting), visit local nurseries and garden centers. These stores are stocked with plants that will thrive in Florida, plus employees can share more helpful tips.

Cooler Florida seasons are a good time to try some yard art

Replace those “Santa, stop here,” signs with metal sculptures of flowers or wildlife. Local galleries and even big-box garden centers are easy sources for fun yard art. Just make sure your choices are made of durable materials that can handle Florida’s weather.

Better yet, shop for bird houses, feeders or a hummingbird feeder. Display them securely near windows or outside your pool cage or screened-in porch. It’s an entertaining way to enjoy nature’s show all year long.

A classic suggestion is wind chimes. Their melodic sounds both soothe and herald weather on the way. Neighborly tip: be sure your choice of chimes doesn’t clang like a fire alarm.

Lastly, cooler seasons are prime shopping time for outdoor furnishings. Stores often discount the previous season’s inventory, and it may be easier to find when everyone else isn’t looking for the same thing.

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