Creative Reflection: Mirrors as Interior Design

Most of us face a mirror every day as part of our toothbrush routine, but did you know mirrors can be more than a necessity in your new custom Florida home?

With a little creativity, mirrors can visually brighten and beautify a home’s interiors. Creative Reflection Mirrors as Interior DesignAnd, when grouped together, even become original artwork. How’s that for elevating your flossing?

We thought so!

But how do you turn practical bathroom features into interior-design stars? By brainstorming their uses and possibilities.

Read on for more.

Think outside the bathroom box

The fact that we need ample, well-lit mirrors in our bathrooms doesn’t mean accepting the common wall-length sheets of glass. That works perfectly in many applications, but if you’d like a little oomph in your bathroom design, try one or several — depending on the size of the bathroom — framed mirrors hung on a vanity wall instead.

A little shopping will unearth innumerable colors, styles and materials of framed mirrors. Home furnishings stores and big-box home improvement stores will jumpstart your creativity. Also check out Pinterest for a wealth of ideas and inspiration.

Think decoratively

Have a windowless room that could use some expansion? Try a floor-length mirror safely propped or affixed to a wall. Place a chair or desk, and a cheerful lamp or light fixture next to it. Turn on the fixture and watch the mirror reflect welcome light and depth around the room.

Work the same magic other rooms. We all need to check our clothing and shoe choices, so consider placing that floor length mirror in your walk-in closet as well.

No walk-in closet? What about a framed full-length or larger mirror that blends with your bedroom or suite’s existing design? Again, safely mount it to a non-closet wall you’ll pass on your way out the door. Not only will you thumbs-up-or-down your outfit, but you’ll re-affirm that good decision to include something beautifully practical as part of your décor.

Bonus points if you do this in every bedroom — and near your front door, where guests can check their appearances.

Mirrors as art

The examples above certainly could qualify as art. Making the effort to find an exquisitely framed mirror and blending it with your interior design sounds like art to us.

However, why not be braver?

Select a wall of any size in your new home that needs adornment. Measure it, then scour flea markets, vintage stores and galleries for a large or small assemblage of mirrors. Go for different sizes, colors and frame styles, or chose different sizes with all-silver or all-gold frames. Mix sunburst mirrors with rectangular and circular ones.

Recruit a buddy or family member to help you style them on the floor, then carefully wall-mount them in a design of your choosing.

Bonus points if the room contains a statement light fixture that magnifies their effect!

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