Tips for Designing Spacious, Cohesive Bathrooms

No matter what size bathrooms you’re planning for your new custom Florida home, you’d like them to look appealing.

We’ll assume the cleanliness part of the equation! Instead, let’s talk about design.

bathroom design

We spend a lot of time in bathrooms. We also ask them to work hard. Bathrooms must accommodate multitasking and storage, and sometimes, several users at the same time.

It might not be instinctive to think of bathrooms as “attractive,” but you should when you sit down with your ICI Homes design consultant and pick out materials, colors and other interior-design components for your new custom Florida home.

Our pros are happy to guide and advise you through the process, but you’ll be the one making the design decisions. So if you’d like to do some homework beforehand, read on. We’ll share our tips for designing spacious, cohesive bathrooms.

Go light and bright

Who wants a bathroom that looks like a cave? Unless it’s a fun, themed bathroom in a vacation home, most of us probably don’t. Too much necessary living takes place in bathrooms for them to be places we avoid or dislike, so aim for well-lit, functional spaces that welcome you.

A good start is choosing light-colored wall paint and flooring. Materials that are durable, bathroom-proof and easy to clean ease the maintenance of lighter-colored surfaces. That also goes for cabinets, countertops, and ceilings. Using only one or two colors ensures a seamless look. You can work in complementary hues for interest and contrast.

Prioritize plenty of light. You’ll want fixtures for overall brightness, and for task lighting above sinks and mirrors. Hint: a ceiling light above a shower and/or bathtub is always a good choice.

Go smooth and sleek

Whether your bathrooms are the size of your garage or tucked conveniently amid a suite of bedrooms, you want everything in them to appear thoughtfully considered.

We don’t mean your design choices must be perfect matches. We mean you can mix materials, colors, and finishes and still have a unified whole as long as everything visually complements everything else (ask your ICI Homes design consultant for guidance).

Mirrors are a good example. They’re must-haves that reflect light and amplify brightness. They also expand space. One mirror wall might be fun in a powder room or guest bathroom. Another smooth and sleek mirror option is extending plate-glass mirrors above sinks, all the way to the ceiling. Or, chose a framed mirror whose frame lends a stylish, contrasting touch.

Other considerations: glass shower doors without heavy, ornamental frames. If you’re using shower curtains, hang the curtain rods near the ceiling to create the illusion of depth.

Go clutter-free

We almost don’t need to say this one! But how easy is it to run late for work, or getting kids to school, and having to leave bathrooms in a mess.

The key is storage. Work with your ICI Homes design consultant to select cabinets, shelves, bins and closet racks that make it easy to hide necessities such as kids’ toys and bathmats, and the stuff no one really wants to see (toilet cleaning supplies).

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