How to Showcase Your Art in Your New Home

Preparing to move into a new custom Florida home?

It’s an exciting, though busy, time and you’ll probably have moments when you have no idea what you’ll do with your all belongings, nor where to put

That’s normal and part of almost everyone’s moving experience (also a good reason to declutter). Once your new home nears completion and your moving date looms, you’ll probably decide where to place furniture, then stage critical things like kitchen utensils so you can unpack those first — hello, got to eat.

“Decorating,” is probably last on the list.

We at ICI Homes get it. Unless your new home must be model-ready for a major family or social event, expect some moving boxes and possessions to linger in the garage or a spare room for weeks, if not months.

And that’s okay. The delay gives you a chance to consider how to display your “stuff.” Read on for our tips on how to showcase your art in your new home.

First, live with blank walls

Especially if you’re not sure what to put on them. Most of us have accumulated at least some framed art and memorabilia that looks best when it’s hung on walls — diplomas, kids’ school artwork, vintage rock-band posters and awards, to name a few.

Those of us who enjoy collecting art will have a larger inventory.

Either way, there’s usually personal artwork to work with, or perhaps a new type or theme of art you’d like to acquire to enhance your new custom Florida home.

So live with your freshly painted or wallpapered surroundings for a few weeks and get a sense of how natural and artificial light fills your new home. You’ll soon realize you want a certain watercolor from one of your grandmothers featured over a couch, or that hand-thrown pottery from a ceramics gallery will brighten up the laundry room.

Second, display the obvious

Once you decide where those must-have pieces will work best, measure them to be sure they’ll fit and enlist the aid of a family member or friend.

One of you jumps on a step stool or ladder and holds the piece of artwork against its prospective spot. The other one of you snaps a quick phone photo.

This digital double-check will help you verify your placement hunches. Once those centerpiece things are safely hung or displayed on shelves or tabletops, you can build in other pieces of artwork around them — again, by repeating the digital double-check process.


Third, get creative

Here’s where you have fun.

Not every piece of your art needs to be displayed in main rooms. You might have small sketches or pastels that will disappear on a wall with larger artwork. Tuck a few of those smaller pieces in glass-front kitchen cabinets or on shelves in your new walk-in closet. Enjoy them each time you grab cereal bowls or a pair of shoes.

Another out-of-the-box suggestion is to hang artwork in the bathroom. A favorite print or handmade seashell wreath over the powder-room toilet livens up a small space. Just make sure it’s framed in a manner that will repel moisture and humidity, if necessary.

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