Move-In-Ready Homes Are Awesome: Here’s Why

ICI Homes is opening new communities and hard at work in others where we’re preferred builders. What does this mean for folks searching for new custom Florida homes? An array of move-in-ready homes for new residents!

With today’s hot residential market, scouting out that new abode means doing research ahead of time and adopting a flexible mindset. Move-In-Ready Homes Are Awesome: Here’s WhyOnce you know your location and size and style priorities, you can take advantage of options and opportunities.

Move-in-ready homes — also known as spec homes or inventory homes — are such an opportunity. They’re win-wins for builders and buyers. One reason is that they tend to be popular floor plans that builders know will be attractive as move-in-ready homes. Another reason is buyers can nab a new home that’s on its way to completion or finished without waiting to build from scratch.

Those are biggest reasons move-in-ready homes are a key plus. We’ll describe a few others below. Here’s more on why move-in-ready homes are awesome.

They have a wide appeal

ICI Homes has built new homes all over the state of Florida for more than four decades. Although we’re constantly designing new floor plans, we have an extensive, award-winning library of plans that are perennially popular.

These versatile bestsellers often work with many household sizes, and usually are top candidates for ICI Homes’ move-in-ready homes across many communities where we build.

They’re also good design fits for their communities. For example, our master-planned community of Tamaya in Jacksonville features Mediterranean, Spanish and Tuscan exterior appearances.Tamaya Streetscape Drone Photo But, no matter where ICI Homes builds move-in-ready plans, these homes usually sport classic, neutral interior and exterior elements that resonate with many potential customers.

This means if you like the look and style of the community and its move-in-ready floor plans, there’s a good chance you’ll like those elements too.

Personalization can be possible

Timing is everything here. If you discover a just-right, move-in-ready home early enough in its construction process, you MIGHT be able to switch up certain design elements such as interior paint colors.

The key word is might. Talk to your ICI Homes sales associate to see if design changes are possible. ICI Homes KitchenConstruction timetables may be past that point, but you won’t know unless you ask. Still, you can rest easy knowing the finished home will provide a classic, neutral backdrop for any decorating style.

Where to find our move-in-ready homes

It’s easy!

Click the Move-In-Ready tab on the front of our website home page. Choose the region that suits you, then ICI Homes communities where move-in-ready homes are in progress.

Selecting a floor plan will give you detailed information, plus options to connect with our knowledgeable online sales staff. They’ll help you find that perfect home!

Ready for your new custom Florida home? Talk to ICI Homes here.