How to Maximize the Helpfulness of ICI Homes’ Online Sales Consultants

If you’re searching for a new custom Florida home and you’ve discovered us at ICI Homes, you have an instant secret weapon you may not even realize.

It’s our online sales consultants, who field your first email inquiries and phone calls, then direct you forward. These folks aren’t genies in bottles. They’re real members of our sales staff and you’llOnline Sales Consultants see their friendly faces pop up as you peruse our website.

But how best to strike up a productive relationship that will lead you to your new Florida home?

Follow along as we demonstrate how to maximize the helpfulness of ICI Homes’ online sales consultants.

They’re especially helpful if you’re not local

Our online sales staff shines in this role.

OSCYou may live in another state or a part of Florida that’s not near an ICI Homes community. If so, use our online sales consultants as your advance scouts via live chat (available Monday – Friday, 8:30am – 5:30pm!), email or a phone call.

Many potential customers hit one of our websites first. That’s always a great initial step, but once overwhelm sets in — it will, trust us — send up a smoke signal by filling out one of our easy contact forms. Find it by clicking the CONTACT US tab at the top of our web pages.

You’ll get a quick and simple contact form accompanied by the smiling face of one of our online sales consultants. Fill in the blanks and hit send. Alternately, start with a live chat.

One of our consultants will respond quickly. That person will find out a bit more about your home-buying needs, then email you targeted information to help you refine your search.

What a boon if you live in Boise, Idaho and have never been to Florida, where you now must, or want, to move!

They’ll use your preferences to communicate

Some potential customers want to jump on the phone and talk about their home search. Others want to digest any requested information via email.

You, the home seeker, rule in this situation. If you fear an onslaught of spam, fear not.

Tell your online sales consultant the info you seek, how you want to receive it and how often. The key is detail. The more you share, the better our folks can help. Letting your consultant know that you’d like a two-level, four-bedroom home in a certain price range — and area — saves time for both of you.

Their goal is to connect potential customers to the ICI Homes custom build that’s right for that customer — like our on-the-ground sales people who staff model homes. And, by the way, our online consultants can hook you up with a specific on-the-ground sales person, if needed.

The only difference is that they’re doing it digitally and by phone.

They can alert you faster

This is the genie-in-a-bottle part.

Say you’ve connected with an ICI Homes online sales consultant who’s helping you find your new Florida home.

They’re naturally tuned to the latest incentives, new areas of master-planned communities that have opened, or a move-in-ready stock home that exactly matches your criteria.

You’ll receive quick notification and can pounce on opportunity.

Ready to shop? Talk to an ICI Homes online sales consultant here.