Spec Home or Custom Build? You Decide

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If you plan to move to Florida from another state, or simply from one part of Florida to another, finding your new home can be a time-consuming exercise. Few of us make that decision quickly or lightly, so deciding whether to buy an existing new home — a “spec home” — or have one built to your specifications, is something worth pondering. But what if you don’t want to, or can’t take that kind of time? We’re here to help you decide whether a spec home or a custom new home may be right for you.

What’s a Spec Home?

It’s a new home that a builder “speculates” will sell. Builders usually build a certain number of finished homes in each community for buyers who seek a quick purchase and move-in, or who don’t want to wait for a new custom home to be built.

Spec Home Advantages

An accelerated home-buying experience is the biggest advantage to buying a spec home. Most spec homes you encounter are finished and awaiting an owner. All you have to do is complete the buying process and unload the moving van. Less decision fatigue is another advantage of buying a spec home. If debating bathroom-tile choices isn’t your thing, simply thank ICI Homes’ talented builders, designers and architects for making those decisions for you, then buy one of our spec homes in a community you admire.

Custom Build Advantages

By all means consider building new if waiting four-to-six months for your dream home isn’t an issue. You’ll get exactly what you want, on the lot you like, in the community that best fits your family. At ICI Homes, most of our very popular floor plans are completely customizable. We have over three decades of experience as Florida’s Custom Home Builder, so bring your requests, tweaks and preferences. We won’t freak out! Instead, we’ll help you find the perfect home to build.

What Works For You?

Spec Home or Custom Build? You DecideThe answer to this question is as individual as each home buyer. There’s a lot more homework, research and decision-making to building a custom home. It requires more of your time and attention. If choosing building materials, deciding on upgrades or dithering over design disturbs you, then a spec home may be your answer. It also may be your answer if any job, family, personal or professional relocation requires you to move fast.

Want the best of both worlds, on a timetable? Buying an unfinished spec home means you can work with your builder and your builder’s design team to customize certain components, especially those that haven’t been completed. Think paint, flooring, wallpaper and whether you’d like to finish that bonus room over the attic. Another factor to consider is that many builders choose neutral, popular finishes and designs for their spec homes, which allows you to both speed up the home-buying process, then customize to your heart’s content once you move in.

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