Tips for Decorating Outdoor Living Spaces

One of the wonderful aspects about Florida living is being able to enjoy outdoor living spaces year-round. There’s no need to seal off the screened-in porch, store empty planters in the garage so they won’t freeze and crack, or “winterize” your grill.

Nope — all those outdoor elements can be enjoyed every month in Florida. Tips for Decorating Outdoor Living SpacesOn those rare, cool days, simply don long sleeves or a light jacket. Even better, incorporate a fire pit or outdoor fireplace when planning your new custom Florida home.

S’mores taste as good in August as they do in January!

And here’s another cool fact if you build or buy your new custom Florida home with us at ICI Homes: all of our floor plans contain a lanai. Lanais are outdoor living spaces that are yours to customize to your household and lifestyle.

Start planning now how you’ll maximize and enjoy that outdoor living area. In the interim, consider these tips for decorating it.

Scale your outdoor furniture

Know how crowded it feels when you stroll through a furniture store? Designers try to maximize the display space and amount of furniture for sale, and those store aisles can be tight.

But that’s not how you want your new custom outdoor living area to feel.

All ICI Homes lanais are proportioned to their floor plans. Tips for Decorating Outdoor Living Spaces - ICI Aiden 20M 85 86 87 88 89 90 91 EnhancerYou’ll begin with a roomy, defined space, plus the option to add those Florida staples like a summer kitchen or a pool (dependent on your floor plan and lot size).

Just be sure any outdoor furniture you might bring from your current home — or that you’ll purchase — is scaled to fit the new space. You don’t want heavy, clunky chairs and tables that don’t permit room for anything else.

Install a porch swing

Why not?

Today’s outdoor furniture is amazing with its durability, luxe finishes and versatility. It’s so easy to focus on pieces that fit those attributes (and you do want your outdoor furnishings to weather Florida’s bright sunshine and summer showers).

But swings — although a traditional feature — always make a fun perch. If you have a good location for a hanging porch swing — where it doesn’t impede foot traffic, doorways or bang into glass siding doors or walls — talk to your ICI Homes builder about how do it. They’ll likely have helpful dos and don’ts to guide you.

And don’t forget rocking chairs — another beloved, outdoor tradition that invites folks to sit and stay a while.

Keep clutter out of sight

Once you’re in residence, you’ll probably prioritize clutter-busting inside your new custom Florida home. Extend that good housekeeping outside, too, especially if you have a pool or designated children’s play areas.

No one wants to lounge on their new outdoor living spaces and stare at inflatable floats, garden hoses or big plastic trash cans. Plan now how to store necessary items so your space doesn’t mimic a playground — for any age!

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