Six Ways to Get the Most From Your Outdoor Space

One of the most popular upgrades for many new home constructions today is the addition of a functional outdoor space.

If you’ve looked into building a new home in one of ICI Homes’ communities located throughout Florida, you have probably considered adding a covered lanai, outdoor kitchen, or outdoor fireplace.

Each of these items can be a tremendous asset that really increases your ability to entertain guests in a way that just isn’t possible indoors – especially during holidays!

As you take time to decide on the best way to take full advantage of your options for an outdoor space, here are six ideas to consider:

1. Fire!

Fire is probably the one thing that all great outdoor spaces have in common. Whether you choose to go with an open fire pit, an outdoor fireplace, or simply using candles, the open flames add an element of warmth and comfort to your outdoor space that is hard to match.

Six Ways to Get the Most From Your Outdoor Space - ICI Egret V DSC 8922 3 4 5 6 tonemapped 1
Egret V at Oakmont – Gainesville, FL

2. Think Living Room

When most people think of outdoor spaces, they immediately default to the idea of a dining table and chairs. This is a great option if you are planning to include an outdoor kitchen, but if your outdoor space is more likely to be used for relaxing you might want to consider furnishing it with living room style furniture instead of the standard table and chairs.

ICI Showcase2015_DSC_8075And8more_tonemapped
Bordeaux at Plantation Bay Golf & Country Club – Ormond Beach, FL

3. Inside-Out Flow

When you are entertaining in your new outdoor space, your guests will likely see it as an extension of the closest indoor space. You will want to keep this idea in mind when you are decorating both inside and outside, and you may want to consider utilizing the same design ideas in both spaces.

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Bordeaux at Plantation Bay Golf & Country Club – Ormond Beach, FL

4. Light It Up

One of the most important design elements of any room is the lighting that you choose, and outdoor spaces are no different.

In order to get the most impact from your space, you will want to ensure that there are proper lighting options. This can include elegant candles and creative hanging lanterns all the way down to the lighting in your landscaping around the outdoor space.

Lucca and Seville at Siena at Town Center in Nocatee – Ponte Vedra, FL

5. Planters, Planters, and More Planters

The goal of many outdoor spaces is to provide a relaxing tropical atmosphere, and one great way to do this is with lots of green plants. You almost cannot have enough planters throughout your space, and there are plenty of ferns available that require little to no maintenance if you weren’t born with a green thumb.

Six Ways to Get the Most From Your Outdoor Space - ICI Biltmore II 2333
Biltmore II at The Island at Twenty Mile in Nocatee – Ponte Vedra, FL

6. Creative Walkways

Flagstone paths or walkways that feature creative patterns of different colored bricks are a great way to really customize your outdoor space. They allow you to put your own signature on the space and give your guests something to talk about.

Six Ways to Get the Most From Your Outdoor Space - Madeline stone outdoor
Madeline at Tamaya – Jacksonville, FL

As you reflect more and more on what you want out of your new outdoor space, you will find that great ideas will seem to come one after another.

As long as your remember to focus on how you plan to utilize the space, how much upkeep will be required, and how much each idea will cost, feel free to get creative and develop an outdoor space that is uniquely your own.