Customization in Action: Unique Homes for Verona Oceanside Buyers

Seeking a new custom Florida home, but not wowed by the floor plans you’re finding? Don’t allow that frustration to deter you. We at ICI Homes want to show you how customizing a floor plan can not only give you what you seek, but make it one-of-a-kind special, too. Customization in Action: Unique Homes for Verona Oceanside BuyersKnown as Florida’s Custom Home Builder, we’ve built new custom homes all over the state of Florida for more than four decades and one of our mantras is, “We move walls!”

That means customization always is available when you build a home with us. But rather than tell you, allow us to illustrate with one of our signature communities in the Daytona Beach area — Verona Oceanside in Ormond By the Sea.

Read on as Angela Schooley, ICI Homes’ sales associate at Verona Oceanside, describes how customization makes a difference to her customers.

Take it away, Angela!

What’s customization?

“When people hear the term, ‘we move walls,’ they really don’t know what that means and what we are capable of,” Schooley says. “They think that’s just closing off a flex space. It’s more than that. We are really creating new customized spaces.”

At Verona Oceanside, customers share their preferences, then brainstorm with Schooley. She can help them tailor a floor plan to their specs, making their custom home take shape.

“Something as easy as widening the driveway or width to a garage,” Schooley adds. “People don’t believe it. They go, ‘I can do that?’ They just need more storage space or more parking space for their family. A custom home just makes people’s lives easier.”

Real-life examples

Verona Oceanside is only a few hundred feet west of A1A, Florida’s Atlantic coast highway, and miles of splendid, undeveloped Atlantic beaches. It’s between Ormond Beach to the south and Flagler Beach to the north. Custom Home Floor PlansThis location puts it in high demand and Schooley fields many inquiries from customers searching for dream or retirement homes.

She often works with combined and multigenerational families who need two of everything — owners suites, living spaces, adding another bathroom, and so on. Sometimes this requires, “taking two homes and putting them together,” Schooley says.

She recently worked with customers who added multiple spaces (including an elevator) to the back of their selected floor plan, nearly doubling its square footage.

“These floor plans were designed only for this community,” Schooley says of Verona Oceanside. “You’re not going down the street and finding the same thing. Then you put your own spin on it and make it even more unique.”

When in doubt, customize!

“I can say ‘absolutely, let’s do it,’ rather than having to tell someone, ‘no we cannot do that,’” Schooley says of this ICI Homes philosophy.

Customers can choose a floor plan and seek their sales associate’s help in tweaking it. Sales associates can help them choose a plan and customize it.

“Then they feel like they’re part of the process and it’s more their home,” Schooley says.

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