Design an Attractive Home Office Where Work Gets Done

More and more of us are working at home these days, at least partially or full-time.

We still might go to a company office for meetings, or keep office hours there on certain days, but otherwise we’re pounding a laptop at home, and most of us will take that perk every day of Design an Attractive Home Office Where Work Gets Donethe week.

But the freedom to work at home also necessitates a place to do it, whether you’re employed by someone else, self-employed or freelancing. And how much work space you require depends on what work you do. The same applies for any equipment you need.

Use this information when you plan your new custom Florida home. Be sure to share it with your floor plan designer during your free customization consultation (an awesome brainstorming opportunity), and with your design consultant during your visits to the ICI Home Design Center.

To prep for those sessions, here are suggestions for a home office where work gets done.

It must work

This is your top priority. Otherwise, you new home office is no more useful than a spare bedroom.

It must have the proper space, lighting, functionality and privacy to support your toil. This is even more important if you do most, or all, of your work from home. You’ll likely spent significant time there and comfort is paramount.

To get it, your office should have ergonomic seating and a stable work surface (tables or desks). Good task lighting is important too, but so is the room’s overall lighting. You don’t want to work in a cave!

If windows aren’t a distraction — you can appreciate a vista then get back to work — their natural light and outdoor views may provide beneficial visual breaks.

It might not be an office

Depending on what you do, of course. It may be a studio if you’re an artist, or an extension of your kitchen if you freelance as a wedding-cake baker.

It also might not be an office if you dislike the usual office environment. What you do may be office-centric — documents, spreadsheets, conference calls, lots of laptop time — but you may work best in shorts and T-shirt away from desks, filing drawers and desktop video monitors.

If so, plan a spot in the sitting area of your owners suite where you can slide a small table, sit in a favorite chair and pull a handy light close by. Or, on your back porch, in an alcove of your main living area, or that guest bedroom whose furniture is versatile enough to be a home office when you need one.

But if it is, it should reflect you

You new home office shouldn’t look like the one “at work.”

Forget bland walls, furniture and plastic plants. Inject some personality with favorite art, a funky chandelier or a sound system because you work better with music.

Best of all, wear flip flops whenever you want!

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