Moving to Florida? Make Sure You Have a Spare Bedroom!

Living the Florida lifestyle often means hosting house-guests or family members. After all, wouldn’t you be enticed by your grandparents’ or in-laws’ five-minute drive to the beach?

If the answer is yes — and don’t tell us if it’s not — be prepared once you consider your own new Florida home. Once you’ve moved and are happily ensconced, you likely will be taking future reservations from family and friends.

What’s the solution? A spare bedroom or guest suite. Read on for helpful planning tips.

Family Will VisitSpare Bedroom

Considering your social calendar is a good thing to add to your to-do list when you’re orchestrating a move to Florida. Family members will visit, eventually. So will old college roommates, co-workers and the gang from your former golfing or church groups.

The best preparation is to ensure you have at least one spare bedroom in your new Florida home. A guest suite is even better, but having one extra bedroom is all you need to comfortably accommodate overnight guests.

Put the Spare Bedroom to Work

Having an extra bedroom can be a boon regardless of whether you have frequent or only occasional houseguests. It works perfectly for its intended use — sheltering visitors. But keep it working hard after goodbyes are said.
Your spare bedroom can be used many ways when it’s only your or your family in residence. Make it multi-functional — a TV room, craft room or home office — and put the spare bedroom to work. Turn it into a library with bookshelves or other pieces of attractive storage furniture. Consider a sleeper-sofa as one piece of space-saving, dual-use furniture.

Turn the Spare Bedroom into Revenue

Another way to capitalize on a spare bedroom is to use it to generate revenue. When it’s not housing fun people you know, rent it out!

Check Airbnb, an online site that allows people to list and find getaway properties, whether short-term or long-term. Someone looking for an Airbnb spot in your area can locate your listing and rent it from you using the Airbnb website. Airbnb, of course, collects, a fee for the service.

A similar option is HomeAway, which specializes in vacation rentals. Both Airbnb and HomeAway offer worldwide listings. Not only will you be putting that spare bedroom or guest suite to work, you’ll be collecting extra income or future vacation revenue of your own.

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