Five Tips For Making Your Closet a Storage Star

If our closets could talk, what would they say? Aside from, “Clean me!”

Most of us need an occasional closet makeover like we need the occasional wardrobe makeover. The roots of it often lie in how well or not so well our closets function physically. This closet at the Vienna model home in Plantation Bay has baskets and a stool - ready to make the most of the closet storage space.

Dim, overstuffed and inadequate closets don’t function, they frustrate. But restoring one doesn’t have to be an epic renovation. Here are five easy tips to winning back your closet.

Whose closet are you renovating?

Let’s assume it’s the one(s) in the master suite. If two people share that suite, and there are two closets, each person gets their own. If you must share one large closet, divide and conquer. Literally, like when you were a kid and shared a bedroom with a sibling — “Here’s my half, here’s your half and don’t cross the imaginary line.”

We’re having a little fun, but you know that.

Use every inch of space

Especially if the closet you’re targeting isn’t large and two people share it. If you’re happy with the placement of your existing closet rods, install shelving above them (and below if you have room) to corral shoes, purses, belts, hats and so on.

Go as high as practical with your shelves. Fill them with baskets, crates or plastic containers. Store things you don’t use often (tuxedo shoes) on the top shelf, and things you use more often on descending shelves. Tuck a stool in the closet to make access a breeze. That takes us to…

Containers rock!

This includes the aforementioned bins and baskets as well as boxes, crates and fabric jewelry pouches.

Baskets can round up all your workout gear, for example. Store each pair of your shoes in its own clear plastic container so you see your options when you’re rushed.

Containers also protect items from dust and disappearances. Find a small one to house scissors, loose buttons and needle and thread, to deal with mending emergencies or new-tag-whacking.

Practice organization

Reworking a closet to maximize its storage also forces you to consider how you want to order your wardrobe. Make it easy, such as placing all dress socks in one bin. All belts in another.

Also consider donating the mismatched coat hangers you’ve accumulated and replacing them with plastic or wooden hangers all in the same color. It’s soothing to the eye. Another possibility — if you have room — is installing double closet rods. Hang pants on the top, shirts on the bottom; again, soothing to the eye.

Want to earn a gold star? Store ALL your clothes and accessories in your closet, rather than delegating certain items to a bedroom chest of drawers and that antique armoire you inherited.

Want a platinum star? A closet renovation can launch you on a de-cluttering mission.

Make the closet a fun place

A closet is a necessity. But most of us spend time every day putting things into and taking things out of our closets. We might as well make it fun.

Some suggestions: paint your closet interior a daring, favorite color. Stencil inspirational quotes on its walls or display favorite photos or a piece or two of artwork on its shelves.

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