Organize the Heck Out of Your Brand-New Home

Depending on your housekeeping style, “organize” is either a dirty word or a mantra to live by. But, if you’ve just moved into a new home, there’s no better time to conquer all your stuff. Knowing where items are when you need them — and having them tucked out of the way when you don’t — makes life a lot easier. Below are some tips for organizing the heck out of your brand-new home.

Efficiency is the Name of the Game

The calm, everything-in-its-place variety, not obsessive-compulsive regimentation. If you struggle with Organize the Heck Out of Your Brand-New Homeorganization, simply think of it as being efficient. Quickly grabbing garlic powder from a tidy space rack is much more less effort — and faster — than prowling through a bunch of small bottles crammed in a kitchen cabinet.

Things That Go Together, Store Together

Don’t overthink organization. Instead, use existing symmetry. Stack all cereal bowls on one shelf. Tuck all measuring spoons in one drawer compartment. Group household cleaning supplies in an empty mop bucket. Anything your family owns in multiples — books, bath towels, your spouse’s 15 pairs of Bermuda shorts — can live together in one place, ready for duty.

Be Smart About Storage

Once you test-drive our ideas and brainstorm your own, you’ll probably want to organize everything your family owns! That’s great, but exercise common sense. Don’t store heavy items on overhead shelves or in cabinets. Don’t organize certain items, then store them somewhere you must move aside other items, to reach your newly-organized items. Which brings us to…

Eliminate Clutter

Eradicating clutter is an organized home’s best friend. Be ruthless. Go drawer-by-drawer, closet-by-closet and cabinet-by-cabinet if you must. Toss that old rake you’ve been patching with duct tape. Do you have duplicates of baking spatulas? Cheese graters? Choose one and dismiss the rest. Most clothes and household objects are great candidates for charitable donations.

And, don’t forget to manage paperwork. Buy a shredder! Designate a storage spot for tax documents and a landing spot for mail and magazines. File important papers and things you can’t keep online or on your laptop. Put sentimental items and photos in scrapbooks.

Organize All Available Space

Consider using two closet rods — one above the other — to hang twice the clothes in the same space. Use adjustable shelves in closets and cabinets to accommodate odd sizes and shapes. Don’t forget closet floors — handy shoe racks, anyone? — or the backs of doors, where belts, scarves, purses and ties can be looped on hooks. Those oddball cabinets above the refrigerator? They’re the perfect place for that crystal butter dish you use once a year at Thanksgiving.

Get the Family Involved

Make organizing your new home a group project. Allow the kids to pick out their favorite color of wire baskets to house toys, sports or craft supplies. Get other family members’ feedback on how to organize certain rooms or storage areas. Ask for everyone’s input.

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