Summer: The Optimal Time to Move

Oops! You wanted to go to the beach, didn’t you? Perhaps to theme parks, or camping with the family. No one wants to pack moving boxes, haul clutter to donation centers and orchestrate all the maddening minutia that comes with changing addresses during what’s supposed to be a vacation period.

“That’s not quite what I had on my calendar,” you say.Family prepares for a summer time move

We get it. It’s more fun to consider your move through the excitement of a job promotion, or the realization you’ll finally live near grandparents eager to babysit your kids. But we promise summer is the best season to trek from your former home to your new custom Florida home, and here’s why.

Kids are out of school

If you have a family, moving while school-age children are on their three-month vacation is so much easier than uprooting them during the school year and plunking them into new schools, mid-term.

Sometimes it’s unavoidable. Parents get promoted or transferred to a new town or state — even overseas — in any month of the traditional school calendar. But if you can ease kids out of their established environment when they’re not seeing friends they’ll miss every day, then ease them into their new environment at the start of a new school year, life will be smoother for everyone.

Summer’s a good time to buy and sell

For the reason above: many people relocate while kids are out of school. Parents tend to negotiate job transitions during the summer, when possible. That means more homes are on the market to be bought and sold, so summer is an active time in real estate.

The weather also is nicer, so people are out and about and traveling. Which leads us to…

Nicer weather means a nicer move

Most people are more willing to tackle major projects (moving is a major project with a capital “M”) when it’s warm and generally pleasant outside. Who wants to move when ice, snow and freezing cold make the daily commute an expedition?

“Not if I have a choice,” you say, and we agree.

Summer is garage- and yard-sale time

You undoubtedly would like to lose some junk and clutter before you move, right? So would the rest of the world who’s moving during the summer —a perfect storm anticipated by junkers, pickers and garage-sale enthusiasts in your current community. They’ll be waiting by your driveway at 6:55 if you advertise that your moving sale begins at 7 a.m.

Social media makes it easy to get the word out about your sale. So do homeowners-association websites, virtual and physical public bulletin boards, email lists and your local newspaper.

Perhaps you can unload all your surplus stuff during one summer weekend!

But book your movers early

Because summer is the preferred time to move, moving companies stay swamped throughout. Do your research. Compile a short list of professional movers and their pricing estimates in advance. Once you know when you’re moving and where to, make your final choice and get on that company’s calendar.

The last thing you want when you’re ready “to get out of there” is to discover no one can move you. Yikes!

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