Great Ideas for Customizing Your New Kitchen

One of the biggest reasons that many people choose to build with ICI Homes is that they are given the option to customize just about any aspect of their new home.

While ICI Homes is happy to build one of their homes just as the model is drawn up, they also allow for tons of custom adjustments that many other builders would not be willing or able to accommodate.

ICI ChelseaPlace_DSC_9172And8more_tonemapped
Kitchen inside the Belaire model at Chelsea Place – Ormond Beach, FL

The most popular place for many buyers to add their own custom touches is the kitchen. The kitchen is the heart of any home, and because of the open floor plans that already exist in many of the ICI Homes models it will also be a gathering place for friends and family.

Adding some custom features will give your new home a personalized touch that is sure to impress your guests and make entertaining a more enjoyable experience!

Big Picture Customizations

Some of the bigger picture ideas when it comes to custom kitchens deal with the types of materials used and the way in which they are implemented. One of the most popular trends in custom kitchens today is unique countertops. While many homeowners are thrilled to upgrade to granite countertops, some of the most interesting kitchens are using other materials like stainless steel, glass, or even cement.

Kitchen inside the Vienna model at Tamaya – Jacksonville, FL

It is also popular to customize your kitchen by using a dynamic color for your countertops instead of the standard earth tones that most new homes feature.

Another popular trend in custom kitchens is mixing and matching materials that are not traditionally used together. You might not think that exposed brick walls, dark-stained wood cabinets, and stainless steel appliances would look great together, but the finished product can be stunning when done correctly. This type of unique combination of materials can give your new kitchen a one-of-a-kind feel.

Kitchen inside the Egret II model at Grand Haven – Palm Coast, FL

If exotic building materials seems like a bit much for you, an easier way to give your kitchen a great custom feel is to simply introduce curves to the standard countertop designs. This will make it feel like the pieces were custom made for your kitchen, and since you are building your new home from scratch, they will be!

Detail Customizations

While the big picture customizations will make an immediate impression on everyone who sets foot in your kitchen, another area you will want to think about is the small detail customizations that will make everyday life in your kitchen just a little bit easier! These smaller details aren’t going to blow anyone away, but you will find yourself appreciating them on a daily basis.


One simple customization that you won’t truly appreciate until you have one is a pot-filling faucet. There is a reason that these faucets exist in many commercial kitchens: they make life easier! Because you will be building your new home from the ground up, adding a pot-filling faucet is actually a rather minor adjustment.

Kitchen inside the Amelia model at Chelsea Place – Ormond Beach, FL

With the amount of technology that many of us are now carrying around on a daily basis, one of the fastest growing customization ideas is a built-in charging stations for cell phones, tablets, laptops, and other devices. Many new homes are now featuring drawers or cabinets with plugs that are designed to allow you to charge your devices while keeping them out of sight.

When it comes to custom storage, charging stations are just the tip of the iceberg. If you take your time and really research the topic, there is an almost endless number of options to help you get the most out of your cabinet space. Because most custom storage ideas can be retro-fitted to any kitchen, they can be adjusted at almost any point in the construction process!

Kitchen inside the Madeline model at Tamaya – Jacksonville, FL

From introducing exotic building materials to simply upgrading the way you store your pots and pans, there is a wide range of options for customizing your new kitchen. One of the best things about building with ICI Homes is that they are more than willing to work with you to make sure that your home contains the custom kitchen of your dreams.