How to Buy an ICI Homes Model Home

Searching for a new custom Florida home and think you’ve found the perfect match? But it happens to be one of our awesome ICI Homes model homes? Not a problem. You CAN buy a model home when the opportunity to purchase it becomes available.How to Buy an ICI Homes Model Home If that doesn’t fit your schedule, we’ll help you build your own “model home” that includes all the features and finishes you love in ours.

A win-win both ways, right?

We know you might have a few more questions. So in case you’re new to the home-building experience or haven’t been in the market for a while, here’s a bit more information about model homes and what happens to them after their time in the spotlight ends. Plus, some times on how you can buy a model home yourself.

Model homes 101

All model homes are built for design inspiration and floor-plan illustration purposes.

Builders use model homes to showcase popular plans, indoor and outdoor design possibilities, and to give prospective customers a real-life sense of how their new custom Florida home could look.

This is incredibly helpful because you might like a certain floor plan, tour the model home of it nearest you or via our 3D virtual options, and discover it doesn’t fit your household. That’s a good thing because now you have a solid frame of reference in your search for the right floor plan.

In ICI Homes’ master-planned communities, you’ll often find a model home “park,” or several model homes built next door to each other. Every home will be different in size, features and often in elevation (its exterior appearance). Whether virtually or in person, a model home park allows customers to preview many models in one location.

Model homes also provide important temporary office space for our on-site sales associates.

But more importantly, they’re real homes waiting for future residents once their tenure as a showstopper ends. Here’s what to do if you’re smitten with a particular ICI Homes model.

Don’t be shy!

Ask if it’s available for sale, or when it will be. A sales associate may know that approximate information.

Model homes usually serve for several years. If you’re not in a hurry but want to buy now, talk to the sales associate.Buy a Model Home Leaseback Sometimes models are sold via a leaseback. Customers secure their dream home, then the builder leases back the home — and pays mortgage payments, if applicable — while the model is still in service. This can be a win/win scenario on how to best buy a model home.

But you won’t know unless you ask.

Build your own model home

Can’t snag the model in your preferred ICI Homes community? Build it instead.

The 3D virtual tours, photo galleries and interactive floor plans on our website are a good starting point, as are our sales associates. Once you’re under contract, a pro at the ICI Homes Design Center will help you chose all the design elements and materials for your home, and to mimic the looks you love in the model.

Ready buy a model home, or build your own? Talk to ICI Homes here.