What Makes a House a Home?

“What makes a house a home?” Is it waving to the neighbors when you come home from work? Is it enjoying the view from your porch during your morning coffee? Is it having a spacious master bedroom closet?

Energy Efficiency
A study conducted by the National Association of Home Builders shows the number one thing buyers want is an environmentally friendly, energy efficient home. What Makes a House a Home? - SAM 0832For the Parade of Homes talking EQ FACTOR boxes were installed throughout our showcase home to inform guests of the energy-wise features built into the home. Each ICI home is inspected, measured and given a certified HERS rating (Home Energy Rating Standard) by independent third party experts. Our homes not only deliver superior energy ratings, but also provide a healthier living experience. ICI builds custom homes that are twice as efficient as average existing homes of similar size.

The community and its residents also makes a house a home. Buyers are looking for more than aesthetically pleasing homes. What Makes a House a Home? - SAM 0711They are searching for a community as a whole. Recently, a resident event was held at Plantation Bay Golf and Country Club for the opening of our Showcase home, the Bellevue. Residents were all smiles. ICI Homes understands the importance of having a strong sense of community. It is important to us to host resident events throughout the year to bring our homeowners together for food, fun and live entertainment.

It’s not just the house that makes a home. It’s the landscaping that surrounds it. What Makes a House a Home? - SAM 0645It’s the children biking in the cul de sac. It’s the relaxing, serene lake view you see while drinking coffee on your balcony. Waterfront views are especially important to buyers. The 2013 Profile of Buyers’ Home Feature Preferences released by the National Association of Realtors® stated, that “Thirty-two percent of buyers would be willing to pay a median of $5,420 more for a home on the waterfront and 40 percent of buyers would be willing to pay a median of $5,020 more for a home that was less than five years old.”

When it comes to buying new as opposed to a used home, buyers want new appliances. You can customize your perfect home with new everything, huge closets and that perfect office area for a price completive to an existing home. With the added value of eFACTOR standards your home benefits, not just for the short term, but in the long run.

Making Your House a Home
Making a house a home is dependent on variables such as personal preference, needs and location. With any decision you make, home will always be where the heart is. Customizing your home and lifestyle to your satisfaction is what makes a house a home.

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