Spice Up Your Fall Feast

Want to impress your guests this Thanksgiving? Here are a few simple, hassle free entertaining ideas to spice up your dinner party and make your feast the talk of neighborhood!

Place Card Settings:

Spice Up Your Fall Feast - pear setting

One of the best ways to give that extra personal touch is with place cards. Incorporate a theme into your dinner party. Thanksgiving could have a turkey theme, or as with this example, a Fall theme! Who would’ve thought that you could use a pear for a place card?

Spice Up Your Fall Feast - Leaf Setting

Something as simple as using a leaf with gold letters and your guests names is a great idea for an elegant look. If you are creating a centerpiece, use the faux leaves and berries from it to create that perfect Fall ambiance!

Spice Up Your Fall Feast - nutsell

When planning your table design, think outside of the box. Keep your theme and use it in many different ways! If you are looking for simple buffet cards and/or place clards, try this nutshell idea!


Napkin Folds:

Spice Up Your Fall Feast - Turkey Napkin1

The next thing to WOW the crowd is to use napkin folds! People fear napkin folds because they automatically think of origami, but fear not, we have an advanced and beginner options.

For our advanced napkin folders, try this option to create a show stopping turkey napkin!

Spice Up Your Fall Feast - ribbon paper napkin holder cp1106 de medium new

If you prefer something simple (or are a beginner), create a napkin ring with your guest’s name or a short phrase such as “Happy Thanksgiving” or “Give Thanks” with a leaf graphic.

Spice Up Your Fall Feast - cone napkin

A simple, yet elegant napkin fold is the Cornucopia Napkin! This is one of the few folds that can be done with a paper napkin. Simply roll the napkin into a cone shape, tie a ribbon around it, add a few leaves and berries and you have a masterpiece!



Spice Up Your Fall Feast - cornucopia basket

Debatably the most important piece of table decor is a stunning centerpiece. Centerpieces are the focal point for your guests and you want it to have the WOW factor. The easiest idea is to put fruit and leaves in a cornucopia basket, spray paint the rim and/or fruit a gold glitter dust.

Spice Up Your Fall Feast - pear centerpiece1

If you went with the pear card holder idea, tie in the theme with a fairy tale pear centerpiece!

The great thing about Fall, besides the beautiful changing leaves, is the repurposed decor you have the great excuse of using: leaves, fruit, pumpkins, anything natural works great.

Spice Up Your Fall Feast - Thankful Tree

Make it interactive with a “Thankful Tree” and invite your guests to write personal messages on leaf cutouts. This is a great idea because 1.) kids love the idea and 2.) you can use the messages in a scrap book!

Spice Up Your Fall Feast - Dessert

If you want to have a two for one centerpiece try an edible arrangement of desserts! As you can see, you can decorate with buffet flags or change the shape to leaves. This one serves a few purposes so it is good to try at least once!


No Hassle Holiday:

Spice Up Your Fall Feast - plastic

We know the most gruesome part of the holiday season is the cleanup. This year, take the easy, no hassle route! Elegant disposable “Like Real” cutlery. Believe it or not it looks very real and the greatest part about it is, no cleaning. Really make your life easy with disposable serving utensils!


Whatever decor you decide on, any of these ideas adds that special touch, showing you went above and beyond the standard dinner. Happy Thanksgiving from ICI Homes!

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