Home Warranties for New Florida Homes

Not all home builders offer home warranties. Some apparently think they are perfect and you will never have a problem with the Florida home they just built for you.

Some small builders don’t offer home warranties, but then they’ll still make good on any defect you find. That’s how they build their reputation.


At ICI Homes, we offer up to a 10-year home warranty. It’s not that we don’t think our work is perfect, but we live in the real world where nothing is perfect.

We will do everything we possibly can to make sure your new Florida home is free of defects, but we’re aware that a home warranty will give you the assurance you need that we’re sticking by you until your happy with your new Florida home.

Talk to our sales representatives about the home warranties we offer and what all they entail. Make sure everything is in the warranty that you think you will need. We’re confident we have a warranty that will fit your needs.

ICI offers warranties through 2-10 HBW, which has been in business for more than 30 years, providing complete home warranties to builders and buyers.

ICI Homes is a 30-year Florida home builder and has communities in the Daytona Beach, Jacksonville, Orlando and Tampa areas.

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