Garage Size — Never Enough

Florida Homes

Everyone seems to agree that no matter how big you build a garage, it is never big enough. Stuff just seems to accumulate until suddenly you can barely park one car in it.

Unless you plan on spending more time in the garage than in your house, you don’t want the garage overwhelming the appearance of your home. Still, you want it big enough to accommodate your needs.

At ICI Homes, we have an extremely wide variation of garages and garage sizes. Our garage designs generally range from 19 ft. x 20 ft. to 27 ft. x 30 ft. It all depends on the use you have in mind for your garage. Our biggest garage is probably our Ravenna model with a 27 ft. x 30 ft. garage. But, of course, not everyone demands lots of garage space so we also have floor plans with one-car garages that are nine feet to 10 feet wide.

We also have many options. For example, in some of our floor plans we allow the option of an add-on vessel garage of 12 ft. by 28 ft. with a 10-foot clearance. In others, you can get a 12 ft. x 10 ft. golf cart garage.

Many of our communities allow for side load garages — generally 20 feet wide for two cars or 30-feet wide for three cars.

For all of our floor plans, see our Homes and Communities.

Whatever the size garage you need, talk to our design professionals to make
sure you are getting what you want with your new home from ICI Homes.

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