Build or Buy: Think Hard About Building

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Searching for a new home is frustrating when you can’t find a newly-finished home you like in a new community. Or, you’re not finding ANYTHING — new or in resale — that floats your boat.

Take it as a sign it might be time to build your own.

“Wait,” you say. “That’s an expensive hassle.”

Not finding a ready-built new home, especially if you’re facing a deadline to relocate, may be more of an expensive hassle. So we at ICI Homes encourage you to think deeper about building. It’s not nearly as scary as it seems. It simply takes a bit longer and requires more of your attention.

We’re here to help with a brochure for clients who haven’t been through the process. We won’t repeat its detail, but we do suggest you consider the following points as you think hard about building your new home.

You can customize

If you buy a just-completed home in one of our communities, you get exactly what you see. We build great homes and we’re proud of our work, but the home you’ll snap up in 30-ish or so days won’t be engineered for you.

You may repaint. You may wish you had more closets. You may discover the shower head in the master bathroom isn’t mounted high enough.

When you build with us, you have the opportunity to meet with one of our architects or floorplan designers FOR FREE, before you ever decide to build. You’ll go over potential plans with our pros and tweak the plan you like to fit your household.

Carve out a mudroom in the entry space by the garage. Put a bar sink in the pantry. Very often these tweaks are low- or no-cost. Plus, you’ll know the master-bathroom shower head will be just right. You can’t do that unless you build.

Your money buys what you want

Here’s what’s not true: we want you to build because we’ll make more money.

No, people.Building home

Homebuilders must be profitable to stay in business, but price-gouging is not how we do business at ICI Homes. And, we wouldn’t have thrived for nearly four decades (as of this writing) all over the state of Florida with such a strategy.

The reason why building a home often is the best long-term choice is — again — you get exactly what you want. That’s rest-of-your-life satisfaction if you stay in your home.

Your choice of builder matters

Building what you want is a partnership between your builder, the craftspeople who construct it, the designers who guide your product and finishes choices, and other people from other departments. You know who’s building your home and you contribute by supplying important info.

At ICI Homes, we build for all tastes and budgets. We’re not a one-size-fits-all entity that builds same-but-different homes with little variation. We do build multi-million-dollar estate homes. We also craft $200,000 homes to fit the folks targeting those sizes of floorplan and budgets.

We’ll over-supply you with information and make it as seamless as possible. And, you’ll get the new custom Florida home you crave!

Ready to build? Talk to ICI Homes here.