Garage Size Never Enough

What’s in your current garage? Everything except the vehicles you own?

“Ouch,” you may say.

No matter how valiantly homeowners resolve to keep their garages cleaned out, there’s always that extra tool, storage container or piece of sports equipment that fits best in the garage. And — as with interior closets — no garage ever seems large enough.

If you’re seeking a new Florida home, add the garage to your priorities list. Planning now for its size, function and siting can pay off later with a truly useful space that fits your Florida lifestyle.

Make it big enoughGarage

Banging your vehicle door on the garage wall when you enter or exit that vehicle likely means the garage is too small…or too full. Grab a sturdy measuring tape and measure the width and depth of your vehicle(s). How much room does it require with the doors open? It’s important to make your garage big enough, especially if you plan to house additional items there. Consider comfortable clearance space on all sides of your future Florida garage.

Since ICI Homes is Florida’s Custom Home Builder, we offer — you guessed it — a “wide” variety of garage sizes. Expect everything from a roomy 22 ft x 34 ft. three-car garage to the more typical 21 ft x 22 ft. two-car garages. You can add an 11 ft. x 11 ft. golf cart garage, or an extended 11 ft. x 16 ft golf cart garage. If you build a custom home, ICI design specialists can help you tailor a garage to fit all your vehicular and storage needs, including boats and trailers.

How will you use it?

If you only need to corral one or two vehicles and a recycling bin, congratulations! But, since most of us stash other stuff in the garage, consider now how you’ll use your new one in Florida.

With a bit of forethought, a spacious garage can accommodate storage cabinets, racks for lawn tools and even a small workbench. Installing shelving also frees up floor space. This is excellent impetus for a de-cluttering exercise before you move, especially if you use your garage as default storage. Decide what you’ll keep and what you’ll discard now.

Don’t forget: double-check your ICI Homes floor plan for items such as hot water heaters that might be lodged in the garage. Prior planning allows extra space for those necessary house systems.

Where will you put it?

Most garages face the street, making driving in and out of them a breeze. If you don’t want your door yawning to reveal clutter, or you simply prefer a bit more privacy, consider siting your garage on either side of your new Florida home — a “side-loading” garage.

This is a nice option if your household owns more than two vehicles and your lot has extra space. Instead of one 22 ft x 34 ft. three-car garage, why not put two 21 ft. x 22 ft. two-car garages on opposite ends of the house? Or, tuck the second two-car garage in back of the house.

Ready for your dream garage? ICI Homes offers many different floor plans with customization options such as garages. Click here to get started.